Schedule JW Duties

JW Scheduler allows appointed brothers to quickly and easily schedule all JW Duties, such as Attendants, Security, Sound, Video, Microphones, Platform or a Custom Duty. You can schedule as many or as few of these JW duties as you want, depending on your local circumstances.

To schedule JW Duties, click Schedule > Duties

JW Scheduler Duties Scheduler Menu

Schedule JW Duties

  • Note: Duties can be assigned up to 3 months in advance.
  • Note: To set a week as Circuit Overseer, Circuit Assembly or any other Special Event, please see Congregation Events and Announcements
  • Note: You can use Auto-Assign to automatically assign duties for several weeks.
  1. Select Schedule > Duties
  2. Determine whether you will assign JW duties by Week or Meeting, and select either Week or Meeting.
    • Note: This will be saved for your congregation, and should only be set once. Please do not keep changing between the two, or you will see unexpected results.
  3. Select the Week or Meeting you wish to Schedule.
  4. Click the Duty you wish to schedule, e.g. Attendant, Security, Sound / Video, Microphones, Platform or Custom Duty.
    • Note: The name of the Security and Custom Duties can both be changed to suit your local circumstances, or leave the field BLANK to remove these from the schedule.
    • Note: Some duties allow you to schedule multiple people, E.G. Attendant allows you to schedule 2 members, and Microphones allows you to schedule 4.
  5. Select the member(s) to perform that duty
  6. Click OK
JW Scheduler Congregation Duties Scheduler

Custom Duties

JW Scheduler contains multiple types of Duties that can be customised for your local circumstances.

These are given a default English name, but can be changed to anything in any language. The new Custom Duty names will then appear on all schedules and in the App.

If you have enabled Congregation Sharing, the Custom Duty names will be shared among all Shared Members.

Auto-Assign JW Duties

Auto-Assign is a feature in JW Scheduler that allows elders or another appointed brother to automatically assign all JW Duties for several weeks.

This can save much time and ensure members are evenly scheduled. However this must be used with discretion. Please see JW Scheduler Auto-Assign for more information about how Auto-Assign works, and how to best use Auto-Assign.

JW Scheduler Congregation Duties Scheduler Auto-Assign
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