Schedule JW Lawn and Garden Care

JW Scheduler allows elders or another appointed brother to quickly and easily schedule congregation Lawn and Garden care. Lawn and Garden care can be scheduled either by Group or by Captain.

To schedule Lawn and Garden Care, click Schedule > Garden Care

JW Scheduler Lawn and Garden Care Scheduler Menu

How to Schedule Congregation Lawn and Garden Care

  • Note: You can use Auto-Assign to automatically assign Lawn and Garden Care.
  1. Select the Week you wish to Schedule.
  2. Click the Group or Captain button.
  3. Select the Group or Captain to perform the Lawn and Garden Care.
  4. Click OK

How to Auto-Assign Lawn and Garden Care

Auto-Assign is a feature in JW Scheduler that allows elders or another appointed brother to automatically assign Lawn and Garden Care to either a Captain or Group.

This can save much time and ensure groups are evenly scheduled. However this must be used with discretion. Please see JW Scheduler Auto-Assign for more information about how Auto-Assign works, and how to best use Auto-Assign.

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