Schedule Public Talks Away

JW Scheduler makes scheduling Public Talks Away simple and fast. The Coordinator of the Body of Elders or the Public Talk Coordinator can use JW Scheduler to schedule congregation elders and ministerials to give Away Public Talks at another congregation.

Some congregations have certain requirements when scheduling Public Speakers to visit other congregations, such as only one elder per week is away, or each elder can only travel once per month, etc. The Public Talks Away view allows you to easily schedule according to any such requirements.

To schedule Away Public Talks, click Schedule > Public Talks – Away

JW Scheduler Away Public Talks Scheduler Menu

How to Schedule Public Talks Away

  1. Click Schedule > Public Talks – Away
  2. Select or Double-click the cell for the Weekend and Public Speaker you wish to Assign an Away Public Talk
JW Scheduler Away Public Talks Scheduler
  1. Select either a Neighbor Congregation or Other Congregation to visit
  2. Select which Public Talk Outline the speaker will give.
    1. Note: The Outlines that a speaker can give are set in Members > Assign > Away Public Speaker or Congregation > Public Speakers. Please see Assign Privileges and Duties or Public Speakers for more information.
    2. Note: You may optionally select the Public Talk Outline at a later time.
  3. Click OK

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