Schedule Public Talks Local

Scheduling Public Talks in JW Scheduler is also quick and easy! The Coordinator of the Body of Elders or the Public Talk Coordinator can use JW Scheduler to schedule Public Talks both locally and away.

To schedule local Public Talks, click Schedule > Public Talks – Local.

JW Scheduler Schedule Public Talks Local Menu

How to Schedule Public Talks locally

  1. Select the Meeting you wish to Schedule.
  2. Click the Public Speaker or Public Talk button.
  3. Select either a Local Speaker, Neighbor Speaker or Other Speaker.
  4. Select the Public Talk Outline he will give.
    1. Note: You may optionally select the Public Talk Outline at a later time.
    2. Note: You can also select Special Talk and set a Special Talk or Circuit Overseer talk theme.
  5. Click OK.
JW Scheduler Schedule Public Talks Locally

How to choose which Public Talk Outline should be given?

When selecting the Public Talk Outline, JW Scheduler will show a list of all available Public Talk Outlines.

This list will also be shaded in red, depending on when the outline was last given. A Dark Red means the Outline has either recently been given or will be given in the future, whereas a Light Red shade means the Public Talk has not been given for a long time. No shade (white) means the Public Talk Outline has either never been given in your congregation, or has not been given for a very long time.

JW Scheduler Schedule Public Talks Locally Select Member and Outline

How to enter past Public Talk History?

When you first start using JW Scheduler, you might like to enter your congregation’s past Public Talk History. This will ensure you don’t repeat two Public Talk Outlines in a short period of time.

To enter past Public Talk History:

  1. Click Enter Past History button.
  2. Select the Year and Month.
  3. Enter any Public Talk Outlines that were given in that month.
  4. Click OK.
JW Scheduler Schedule Public Talks Locally Enter Public Talk History

How to Schedule Public Talk Weekend Duties

  1. Select the Meeting you wish to Schedule.
  2. Click the Chairman, Watchtower Reader and/or Hospitality buttons.
  3. Select the Chairman member, Watchtower Reader and Hospitality member or group.
  4. Click OK
    1. Note: You can also use Auto-Assign to automatically assign duties for multiple weeks.
  5. Select a Member to handle the part.
  6. Click OK
    1. TIP: There is no need to click save, everything saves automatically!

How to Auto-Assign Chairman, Watchtower Reader & other Weekend Duties

Auto-Assign is a feature in JW Scheduler that allows the Coordinator of the Body of Elders or Public Talk Coordinator to automatically schedule the JW Weekend duties, such as Chairman, Watchtower Reader and Public Speak Hospitality.

This can save much time and ensure members are evenly scheduled. However this must be used with discretion. Please see JW Scheduler Auto-Assign for more information about how Auto-Assign works, and how to best use Auto-Assign.

JW Scheduler Auto-Assign Public Talk Duties

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