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Scheduling Public Talks in JW Scheduler is easy and simple. The Coordinator of the Body of Elders or the Public Talk Coordinator can use JW Scheduler to schedule both Local and Away Public Talks.

To schedule local Public Talks, click Schedule > Public Talks – Local

JW Scheduler Local Public Talks Scheduler Menu

Schedule Local Public Talks

  1. Click Schedule > Public Talks Local
  2. Select the Meeting you wish to Schedule.
  3. Click the Public Speaker or Public Talk button, and the Select Public Speaker and Talk window will open.
  4. Select the Congregation and then the Public Speaker
  5. OPTIONAL: Alternately, you can select Other Speaker and manually type in the Speaker Name. 
    • Note: You should usually choose Public Speaker. You would only rarely choose Other Speaker if that speaker is not in your circuit or a nearby circuit.
  6. Select the Public Talk Outline
    • Note: You may optionally select the Public Talk Outline at a later time.
    • Note: You can also select Special Talk and manually type in the Title. (e.g. for a Special Talk or Circuit Overseer talk)
  7. Click OK
  8. Optionally, enter the Song number for the Opening Song
  9. Optionally, if you want to track whether the Public Speaker has confirmed or not, tick or untick the Confirm Speaker button. This does not have any other effect on the program, and is for your own reference only.
JW Scheduler Public Talks Local Public Talk Schedule

Select Public Talk Outline

When selecting the Public Talk Outline, JW Scheduler will show a list of all available Public Talk Outlines.

This list will also be shaded in red, depending on when the outline was last given. A Dark Red means the Outline has either recently been given or will be given in the future, whereas a Light Red shade means the Public Talk has not been given for a long time. No shade (white) means the Public Talk Outline has either never been given in your congregation, or has not been given for a very long time.

JW Scheduler Public Talk Scheduler Select Public Speaker

Swap a Public Talk

It is not possible to directly “swap” a week. Instead, simply change the Public Speaker and Outline for the first week, then change the Public Speaker and Outline for the second week. 

Cancel or Remove a Public Talk

  1. Click Schedule > Public Talks Local
  2. Select the week you wish to change or cancel.
  3. Click the Public Speaker or Public Talk button
  4. Under Public Speaker, click Clear
  5. Under Outline, click Clear
  6. Click OK
  7. The Public Talk for that week will be cleared. If needed, re-assign another Public Speaker for this week.

Enter past Public Talk History

When you first start using JW Scheduler, you might like to enter your congregation’s past Public Talk History. This will ensure you don’t repeat two Public Talk Outlines in a short period of time.

To enter past Public Talk History:

  1. Click Enter Past History button.
  2. Select the Year and Month.
  3. Enter any Public Talk Outlines that were given in that month.
  4. Click OK.

Schedule Weekend Assignments

  • Note: You can use Auto-Assign to automatically select Weekend Assignments
  • Note: JW Scheduler contains several Custom Weekend Assignments. It is up to each congregation to set these fields. We use default English terms as placeholders, but each congregation should either remove or customise these as needed.
  1. Select the Meeting you wish to Schedule.
  2. Click either the Chairman or Watchtower Reader buttons to assign the Weekend Chairman or Watchtower Reader.
    1. Select the member
    2. Click OK
  3. Click any of the two Custom Assignment buttons or the Hospitality button to assign the Weekend Custom Assignments or Hospitality.
    1. Select the member
    2. Click OK
  • Note: Some assignments like Opening or Closing Prayer would normally be given by the Chairman or Public Speaker. Therefore scheduling things like the Closing Prayer should only be considered a backup in case the speaker leaves early. If the speaker will give the Closing Prayer, simply leave this blank. That is normal.
JW Scheduler Weekend Assignments

Auto-Assign Chairman, Watchtower Reader & other Weekend Duties

Auto-Assign is a feature in JW Scheduler that allows the Coordinator of the Body of Elders or Public Talk Coordinator to automatically schedule the JW Weekend duties, such as Chairman, Watchtower Reader and Public Speak Hospitality.

This can save much time and ensure members are evenly scheduled. However this must be used with discretion. Please see JW Scheduler Auto-Assign for more information about how Auto-Assign works, and how to best use Auto-Assign.

JW Scheduler Auto-Assign Weekend Duties

Common Questions and Problems

There are two ways:

Method 1: Simply schedule the brother who is giving the talk (not the elder helping). Technically it is his talk, so it is appropriate to have him listed, even if another elder is helping with a part of the talk.

  • Note: This method will only send an assignment to the main brother on the JWS – Publisher App, not the helper.

Method 2: When selecting the Public Speaker, select Other Speaker and type in the names of both speakers.

  • Note: This method will not send an assignment to either of those brothers on the JWS – Publisher App.

Please carefully re-read the Schedule Local Public Talks section above.

  1. Ensure you have selected a Congregation.
  2. If you have selected your own congregation, ensure you have set some members to give Local Public Talks (see Members > Assign)
  3. If you have selected a Neighbor Congregation, ensure you have added Public Speakers to that congregation (see Congregation > Neighbor Congregation and Speakers)
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