Beta Version Testing

JW Scheduler is used by thousands of brothers all around the world. It has also grown in functionality and complexity. We try very hard to thoroughly test all updates before they are released, but like all software, bugs and problems do still appear.

To minimize disruption, new JW Scheduler updates are released first as a Beta Version, and then later as the Standard version.

Beta Version Updates are released about 3-5 days before normal updates, and allow users to test new features and make any suggestions before they are released.

How to become a Beta Tester

We appreciate those who volunteer their time and effort to become a Beta Tester and help test new releases of JW Scheduler. Since Beta Testing is designed to assist us and save us time, we can only give limited support for Beta versions, and Beta versions may have problems. That is the whole point of having Beta Testing.

To become a Beta Tester, you must please comply with the following:

  1. Be an experienced user of JW Scheduler who knows how to use the various parts of the program.
  2. Be willing to carefully read the Help pages before contacting us with a problem or suggestion.
  3. Be able to use your reasoning ability to diagnose problems or suggest possible solutions.
  4. Be willing to encounter problems and crashes.
  5. Be willing to test all the new features and updates that are provided with each new Beta version.
  6. Be willing to send a Beta Test Report within 1-2 days of your Beta testing, which includes what works fine, and what problems you encountered, and any suggestions you may have.

Please do not become a Beta Tester if you are:

  1. Not an experienced user of JW Scheduler.
  2. Not willing or able to carefully read Help.
  3. Not able to diagnose simple problems or suggest possible solutions.
  4. Not willing or able to experience problems or crashes.
  5. Not willing or able to test all the new features.
  6. Not willing or able to send a Beta Test Report within 1-2 days of testing.

How to receive Beta Version Updates

If you would like to become a Beta Tester, and you comply with the above direction to a reasonable degree:

  1. Open JW Scheduler
  2. Click Settings
  3. Tick Receive Beta Version Updates

JW Scheduler will then notify you of any Beta Version Updates in the same way that you are notified for normal updates. You can install these updates in the same way, or if you have problems you can manually download below.

  • Important: If you are using Congregation Sharing, you should only chose to receive Beta Version updates if all other Shared Members are also happy to do this, since Congregation Sharing requires all brothers to be using the same version of JW Scheduler.
  • Note: Sometimes Beta version updates also require installing the Beta Version of the JW Scheduler App. This can be downloaded from JW Scheduler App Download
JW Scheduler Settings Beta Version Updates

Beta Test Report

A requirement for all Beta Testers is to please send a Beta Version Report within 1-2 days of Beta Testing.

To send the Beta Test Report, click Help > Contact Us > Beta Test Report

The Beta Test Report should contain:

  1. What features or updates you tested.
  2. If the feature or update worked as expected.
  3. Any problems or bugs you experienced, please include:
    1. Detailed description of what lead up to the problem, what you clicked, and anything you tried to solve the problem.
    2. Screenshot of the problem, screenshots of the steps leading up to the problem, and screenshots of what you see after any problem.
  4. Any suggestions for possible improvement of these new features or updates.

Latest Beta Version Updates & Notes

JW Scheduler 4.5.2

Release Date: 2020-10-20

Important Information

4.5.2. Several more bug fixes and some new features. This should be the final Beta version before Standard release in a few days. Please perform some final tests.

4.5.0 Congregation Sharing will need to be re-setup after installing this update. Therefore, a Congregation Administrator should please UPDATE FIRST, then re-setup Congregation Sharing, then notify others they can update. Please use the SAME Congregation Sharing Password as before, so that other elders can update quickly & easily.

If you are NOT a Congregation Administrator, please DO NOT install this update until after your Congregation Administrator has told you it is ok. Thanks!

Release Notes

– Congregation Sharing has been greatly improved to be faster, more reliable, and more secure. This is a major update with lots of work behind-the-scenes. Congregation Sharing must be re-setup after installing this update. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
– Sharing Sync times reduced from 1-2 minutes to 10-20 seconds.
– Shared Member Expiry increased from 30 days to 60 days.
– Shared Member Device Names now shown.
– User Access Interface greatly improved to allow much faster assigning User Access.
– Suggested User Access Roles have been provided. Note: These are suggestions only, your local circumstances may be different.
– Warning shown if Sharing is not connected and you try to edit data.
– Sharing Logs improved and divided into 3 categories: Master Log, Server Update Log, Local Download Log.

– Circuit Overseer Visit Scheduling. You can now schedule upcoming Circuit Overseers visits! (See Schedule > Circuit Overseer). This data can be printed or displayed on the App.

– Circuit Overseer Reports. To help elders prepare for upcoming Circuit Overseer visits, a new Report Category ‘Circuit Overseer’ has been added. This allows the COBE, Secretary and Service Overseer to quickly and easily create all the reports needed by the Circuit Overseer.

– Zoom Meeting ID, Password, Link and Dial in number. You can now enter your congregation Zoom Meeting ID, Password, Zoom Link and Dial in number, and this will be shown on the JW Scheduler App under Schedules (from App version 1.1.7 onwards, available soon).

– S-10 Congregation Analysis Report. This report is now available from Printing > Secretary.

– Several new templates relating to Circuit Overseer Visit Scheduling.
– Missing Reports. The Secretary can now generate a simple, 1-page report showing which reports are missing for a given month.
– Previous ‘Missing and 0-Hour Report’ renamed to ‘Missing and 0-Hour Report History’.

=== UPDATES ===
– Member Information now includes fields for Deaf and Blind.
– Congregation Number can now be entered.
– Congregation Field Service Report now shows “New Inactive” and “Reactivated” count and list.
– Congregation Field Service Report now allows you to see a list of Publishers, Auxiliiary Pioneers, Regular Pioneers and Special Pioneers for any given month.
– Congregation Field Service Report can now filter out Inactive.

=== FIXES ===
– Several bug fixes, including Delegates, Field Service Group printing, Public Talks, Import from CSV, Auto-Assign, Publisher Record averages, templates, Conduct Field Service assignments, Duties, etc.

=== OTHER ===
– JW Scheduler now requires .NET 4.7.2. This has resulted in several performance improvements and bug fixes. Please ensure your computer always has the latest Windows Updates.

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