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JW Scheduler allows you to customize many parts of the program, perform manual updates and much more.

To access Settings, click Settings

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User Settings

Program Language. The language of the program. This can be different to your Congregation Language, which is especially helpful for language learners or those serving where the need is greater.

Date Format. The date format shown in various parts of the program, including on some reports and schedules.

Short Date Format. The short date format shown in various parts of the program, including on most reports and schedules.

Time format. Tick if you want times to be shown in 24-hour time.

Paper Size. The default Paper Size for all Templates and Schedules.

  • Note: Each time you use a template, JW Scheduler will remember the last template used, and set this as your default. This will override the default Paper Size. This means if you previously used a certain A4 template but your default Paper Size is Letter, JW Scheduler will still set that template to the previous A4 one you used.

Backup Reminder. How often you want to be reminded to make a Manual Backup of your data.

  • Note: Even though JW Scheduler creates an Automatic Backup, we still strongly recommend regularly creating a manual Backup and saving this offsite, somewhere safe. If your entire computer crashes, is destroyed or stolen, an offsite backup will allow you to restore all your data. If you or other brothers using JW Scheduler do not create an offsite backup, there will be no way to restore your data.

Password Protect JW Scheduler. Please see Password Protect Help

Program Version

Receive Beta Version Updates. Please see Beta Version Testing Help

JW Scheduler Version. The current Version of JW Scheduler on your computer, including the Build number. If you ever have a problem with JW Scheduler and need to contact us, it is important you always include this information.

Schedule Version. The version of your Life and Ministry meeting data.

Release Notes. The release notes and any important information for the most recent update to JW Scheduler.

Check for Updates. Please see Updating JW Scheduler

Refresh Meeting Data. Please see Updating Meeting Data

Reload Email Templates. Default Email Templates change from time-to-time, and new translations may also appear. See Email with JW Scheduler – Email Templates for more information.

  • Note: This will load the Email Templates in your Congregation Language. If there are no translated templates in your Congregation Language, English will be loaded.
  • Note: Reloading the default Email Templates will override any existing Default templates with the same name. They will not override custom Email Templates or Email Templates with a different name.


Please see Registration Help

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