Installing or Updating JW Scheduler

When a new regular version of JW Scheduler is released, you will be notified the next time you open JW Scheduler. Details about the new version are also shown. Please carefully read the New Version Information before updating. This contains any special instructions about the new update as well as User Interface changes.

  • Note: Beta Version Updates are only released to those who agree to receive them. Please see Beta Version Updates for more information.

We recommend updating to the latest version soon after it is released. After a few months, older versions of JW Scheduler are no longer supported and you may have difficulty updating.

Before Installing or Updating JW Scheduler

Before installing or updating JW Scheduler, please note the following:

  1. It is recommended to be a Windows Administrator. If you are a computer expert, you may be able to install without being a Windows Administrator, but this may cause problems. Please see How to check if you are a Windows Administrator
  2. Some anti-virus software causes problems when installing or updating JW Scheduler, so if you have problems installing or  updating, please either change anti-virus programs (we recommend simply using the free, inbuilt Windows 10 antivirus) , or disable your antivirus software before updating.
  3. You must be running Microsoft DotNet Framework 4.7.2 or greater to use JW Scheduler. DotNet Framework comes free with Windows Updates. Please ensure you have all the latest Windows Updates before installing JW Scheduler.

How to Install JW Scheduler

  • Note: Please first see Before Installing or Updating JW Scheduler
  1. Visit our website and click Downloads
  2. Click Download to download the latest version.
  3. After the Setup file has downloaded, double-click to run the Setup file and install JW Scheduler

How to Update JW Scheduler

  • Note: Please first see Before Installing or Updating JW Scheduler

Method 1

  1. Opening JW Scheduler causes JW Scheduler to check for any new versions. If a new version is detected, a New Version Available message is shown.
  2. Carefully read the Important Notes and Release Notes
  3. Click Update Now
  4. After the download has completed, JW Scheduler will automatically close and begin the installation.
    • Note: As with all software packages, JW Scheduler must be CLOSED when you install the new version.

Method 2

  1. In JW scheduler, click Settings > Check for Updates
  2. If a new version is detected, follow the steps above.

Method 3

  1. Visit our website and click Downloads
  2. Check if the available version is newer than the version you are currently using.
  3. If so, use the alternate download link to manually download the latest version.
  4. Ensure JW Scheduler and all related files are closed.
  5. Once downloaded, install this version.
    • Note: Please do not uninstall the previous version. Simply download and install the new version. It will update your previous version.

Problems Installing or Updating or After Updating

If you have any problems Installing JW Scheduler, Updating JW Scheduler, or running JW Scheduler after you have installed or updated, please try to re-install JW Scheduler. To do this:

  1. Review Before Installing or Updating JW Scheduler and ensure:
    • You are logged in as a Windows Administrator
    • Your Antivirus software is disabled
    • You have all the latest Windows Updates installed.
  2. Make sure JW Scheduler is closed.
  3. Make sure all Templates and other JW Scheduler files are closed.
  4. Re-download JW Scheduler from our website.
  5. Install JW Scheduler.
    • Note: You will not lose any data if you re-install or install again.

If you still have problems after following all of the above steps, please Contact Us. Please also include screenshots of the Error Message you receive, and please verify you are logged in as a Windows Administrator, your Antivirus software is disabled, and you have the latest Windows Updates.

Beta Version Updates

Christian Life and Ministry Meeting schedule updates

Public Talk Outline updates

Update Templates or other Language data

Templates, Public Talk Outlines and other User Interface data, such as language updates, are updated when a new version of JW Scheduler is released.

Please feel free to Help Improve JW Scheduler Translations

Congregation Sharing

If you have enabled Congregation Sharing, you should try and coordinate when you update with others. This is because Congregation Sharing only works if everyone is using the same version of JW Scheduler.
  • Note: If one member updates, other users will not be able to continue using Congregation Sharing until they update, and therefore should not use JW Scheduler until they are also ready to update.
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