Update JW Scheduler

When a new version of JW Scheduler is released, JW Scheduler will automatically inform you the next time you open JW Scheduler. Details about the new version are also shown. We recommend updating to the latest version as soon as possible.

  • Note: Please carefully read the New Version Information before updating. This contains any special instructions about the new update as well as User Interface changes.

How to update the JW Scheduler program

  1. When the New Version Available message is shown, click Update Now
  2. After the download has completed, JW Scheduler will automatically close and begin the installation.
    1. Note: As with all software packages, JW Scheduler must be CLOSED when you install the new version.
  3. If this doesn’t work, there is an alternate download link below the Update Now button. Or, you can simply visit jwscheduler.com and manually download the latest version.
    1. Note: When manually downloading the latest version, please do not uninstall the previous version. Simply download and install the new version.
  • Please Note: As with all software packages, JW Scheduler must be closed when you install a new version.

You can manually check for updates by clicking Settings > Update.

JW Scheduler Updates New Version Available

How to update the Christian Life and Meeting schedule

JW Scheduler will automatically update the Christian Life and Meeting schedule about one week after the new English EPUB file appears on JW.org. This allows time for all languages to appear on JW.org. Sometimes the English or translation teams are late in providing EPUB files, so please be patient.

If the Meeting Workbook EPUB in a certain language is more than about a week late, it can not be included in the update, and will be included in the next months CLM Scheduler schedule update.

You can also manually check for meeting data updates by clicking Settings > Update.

If you Meeting data has problems, you can Refresh your meeting data by clicking Settings > Refresh Meeting Data.

If that doesn’t work, please check your Internet connection. Some anti-virus programs or firewalls might block JW Scheduler from connecting to the Internet. Please adjust these settings to allow JW Scheduler to connect to the Internet.

JW Scheduler Program Version Update Now

How to update Templates, Language or other data

Templates, Public Talk Outlines and other User Interface data, such as language updates, are updated when a new version of JW Scheduler is released.

Please feel free to Help Improve JW Scheduler Translations.

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