Updating Christian Life and Ministry Meeting schedule

JW Scheduler will automatically update the Christian Life and Ministry Meeting schedule about 14 days after the new English EPUB file appears on JW.org. This allows time for all languages to appear on JW.org, since some translation teams are regularly late in providing EPUB files.

If the Meeting Workbook EPUB in a certain language is more than a week late, it cannot be included in the update, and will be included in the next months Life and Ministry schedule update (if available, sometimes files are late several months!). Each local branch or translation office has a responsibility to provide the translated files on time, but if they don’t, there is nothing we can do.

You can also manually check for meeting data updates by clicking Settings > Update.

If you Meeting data has problems, you can Refresh your meeting data by clicking Settings > Refresh Meeting Data.

If that doesn’t work, please check your Internet connection. Some anti-virus programs or firewalls might block JW Scheduler from connecting to the Internet. Please adjust these settings to allow JW Scheduler to connect to the Internet.

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