JW Christian Life and Ministry Scheduler

JW Scheduler includes Christian Life and Ministry Scheduler software. It is the quickest and easiest way to schedule the Christian Life and Ministry meeting.

Schedule all parts of the Christian Life and Ministry meeting in just a few minutes, including Chairman, Auxiliary Counselor, prayers and reading parts, Treasures from God’s Word, Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry and Living as Christians parts.

Automatically share all member and schedule information between the COBE, Christian Life and Ministry Overseer and anyone else!

Simple. Easy. Quick.

Setup a new Congregation in less than one minute, and then share with others in your congregation in just a few seconds.

Add new Members in less than 30 seconds. Once added, they can be scheduled for Life and Ministry parts, Public Talks, Duties such as Attendants, Sound, Platform, Microphones, Public Speak Hospitality and more. Additionally, they can be added to Field Service Groups.

JW Scheduler really shines in the scheduling. This has been designed to be quick and easy. A colourful User Interface shows what has and hasn’t been scheduled, and who is currently scheduled. Member history is automatically recorded. Duties and other non-teaching parts can be Automatically-Assigned, saving you even more time!

Finally, once you’ve scheduled some of the meeting, or all of it, you are ready to print the beautiful Christian Life and Ministry meeting reports.

Beautiful Reports

JW Scheduler produces attractive, practical and appealing Christian Life and Ministry meeting reports. Reports can be saved in Document or PDF format.

Monthly Schedule

The Monthly Schedule should be printed and placed on the congregation noticeboard. JW Scheduler supports the Branch Recommend S-140, as well as a selection of other appealing reports.

Chairman Outline

The Chairman Outline should be given to the Chairman for the meeting. This attractive and functional report allows the Chairman to easily prepare for and conduct the Life and Ministry meeting.

School Worksheets

Both the Chairman and any Auxiliary Counselors can benefit from School Worksheets. They are designed to help these bothers prepare for the Bible Reading and Student Assignments. There is also space for writing any comments during the student talks.

Assignment Slips

Of course, JW Schedule also prints the student assignment slips. These can be printed for all students, including assistants. They can optionally be printed for brothers who have other meeting parts, such as Treasures or Living parts.

Share with others

Since both the Coordinator of the Body of Elders (COBE) and Life and Ministry Overseer (LMO) both schedule different parts of the meeting, JW Scheduler can automatically share data between these and any other brothers.

Enabled Congregation Sharing with just a single click! Others can then connect to the congregation by entering a password. All data is encrypted locally and in transmission.

Sharing happens automatically. Every time someone makes a change to the congregation, members or any schedule, this update is then automatically sent to all other users. There is no need to press Refresh or Update, or anything!

JW Scheduler Congregation Sharing

Multiple Languages

JW Scheduler is the only Life and Ministry software that allows you to run the program in one language, and then schedule in another language. This is especially useful for Foreign Language Groups or language learners.

New languages are constantly being added. Currently JW Scheduler is available in over 15 languages! Please see the updated List of Languages JW Scheduler supports.

Another unique feature is that JW Scheduler allows you to set an Auxiliary Class as a ‘Foreign Language Group’. This allows the group to schedule their own Treasures Talk, Digging for Spiritual Gems and Congregation Bible Study.

JW Scheduler | Christian Life and Ministry scheduler

In conclusion, we are sure you will find JW Scheduler to be the easiest Christian Life and Ministry Scheduler software. Quickly and easily schedule the Christian Life and Ministry meeting and therefore spend more time with your family, in the ministry, or shepherding the friends.

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