JW Scheduler is a software program designed for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Its purpose is to simplify and unify the scheduling and organizing of the congregation. JW Scheduler includes:


JW Scheduler can quickly and easily schedule all parts of Christian Life and Ministry (CLM) meeting, including Main & Auxiliary classes. Supports Auto-Assign, recommended student and detailed Part History.

Congregation Secretaries can use JW Scheduler to enter Field Service Reports, maintain Congregation Publisher Records, compile the Monthly Congregation Field Service Report, print S-21 Publisher Record Cards and more.

The Public Talk Coordinator can schedule Local and Away Public Talks, including visiting speakers and hospitality. Neighbor Congregations and Public Speakers can be entered, along with meeting times and locations.

Field Service schedules can be scheduled by the Service Overseer, including Early Morning and Evening witnessing. The Conductor, Location and map can be entered, as well as any specific Group Field Service arrangements.

JW Scheduler can create and organize congregation maps and territories, including Checking Out and Checking In maps to publishers.

Circuit Overseer Visits can scheduled, including all Meetings, Field Service, Shepherding Visits and Meal Arrangements. All information required by the CO can be quickly and easily generated in JW Scheduler.

Congregation Duties can be scheduled, including Attendants, Security, Sound, Video, Microphones, Platform and even Custom duties. Can be scheduled Per Week or Per Meeting.

Kingdom Hall Cleaning can be scheduled in JW Scheduler, including Weekly Hall Cleaning and After Meeting Clean. One or more groups can be assigned.

JW SCHEDULER special Features

Publishers can see upcoming Christian Life and Ministry meeting assignments, Public Talk assignments, Weekend meeting assignments, Duties and Cleaning assignments.

Midweek & Weekend Meeting and Field Service schedules are also readily available, as well as Congregation Events & Congregation Announcements.

Publishers can submit their Field Service Reports.

Create just one list of publishers, then all data can be automatically and securely shared to all other appointed brothers.

Congregation Sharing helps all elders keep up to date with what is happening in the Congregation, and is fully compliant with sfl.

Data is accurate and secure. Errors are reduced. Training new brothers is easier. Schedules are appealing and consistent. Publishers are presented with a unified approach from the Body of Elders. Everyone saves time.

Who can use JW scheduler?

Coordinator of the Body of Elders (COBE)

Schedule all non-student parts of the midweek Life and Ministry Meeting and maintain Congregation Assignments.

Life & Ministry Meeting Overseer (LMMO)

Schedule all student parts of the midweek Christian Life and Ministry Meeting (CLM), print reports and assignment slips.

Congregation Secretary

Enter Field Service Reports, maintain Publisher Record cards and submit the monthly Field Service report.

Service Overseer

Schedule congregation Field Service meetings, create and maintain congregation Field Service Groups.

Public Talk Coordinator

Schedule Local and Away Public Talks, add and maintain Public Speakers, including both local and neighbor congregations.

Attendants Servant

Schedule congregation duties such as Attendants, Security, Car Park, as well as record the Meeting Attendance.

Group Overseers

See the field service information of all members in their group, so they can promptly follow-up and provide assistance.

Territory Servant

Organize Congregation Maps and Territories, including checking out to publishers and printing S-13 Records.

Kingdom Hall Servant

Schedule congregation Kingdom Hall cleaning and Lawn and Garden care.

Audio Video Servant

Schedule congregation duties such as Sound, Video, Microphones, Platform and Zoom Host.

All other Elders

See all the above data and keep up-to-date with everything that is happening in the congregation.

Circuit Overseer

Can securely receive your congregation data and check all aspects of your congregation before his visit.


JW Scheduler has been designed to be simple and very easy for anyone to use. Learn to use JW Scheduler in just a few minutes, and make schedules quickly and easily. Save time for more important things.

JW Scheduler takes data security and privacy very seriously, implementing security best-practise. We also understand we are living in critical times, and soon the Great Tribulation will arrive.

JW Scheduler can organise & schedule practically everything. Maintain just one list of publishers shared with all appointed brothers, which saves time, reduces mistakes and makes training quicker and easier.

JW Scheduler produces attractive, practical and appealing Christian Life and Ministry meeting, Public Talk, Duties and Kingdom Hall Cleaning reports. Reports can be saved in Document or PDF format.

Save time by using Auto-Assign to generate the first draft of your new schedules. This will automatically select the most appropriate member for a part, and ensure no conflicts occur. You can then make any adjustments.

JW Scheduler seamlessly exports data to Timothy and Circuit Assistant, which are software programs used by many Circuit Overseers. This saves them time and helps them organize the congregations in their circuit.

JW Scheduler is now available in 70 languages and is one of the most widely translated programs in the world! New languages are regularly added, and you can Request a New Language for JW Scheduler.

JW Scheduler includes very powerful Email Special Features . E.G. the LMMO can send Assignment Slips to each student who has a part. The Secretary can send a Field Service Summary to each Group Overseer, and much much more.

Testimonials from Brothers

JW Scheduler is used by thousands of appointed brothers in over 144 countries. Our JWS Publisher App is used by tens of thousands of publishers every day. We receive many encouraging comments and positive feedback every day. We are happy to share just a few.

“You have really done an awesome work. I really appreciate the time you have spent in building this app. It is helping us in the congregation a lot. May Jehovah bless all your hard work.”

Brother Ken – Ghana

JW Scheduler Reviews

Brother Ken – Ghana

“Just wanted to share with the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve had from the publishers – thank you so much for all your hard work. It will make our lives so much easier as a BoE and really helps the congregation!”

Brother Richard – United Kingdom (UK)

JW Scheduler Reviews

Brother Richard – United Kingdom (UK)

“Excelente idea todo a la mano, muy buen trabajo!”

Brother Héctor – Mexico

JW Scheduler Reviews

Brother Héctor – Mexico

“The application works very well. Excellent job. Congratulations.”

Brother Aguinaldo – Brazil

JW Scheduler Reviews

Brother Aguinaldo – Brazil

“Great App, nicely designed and simple.”

Brother Murli – India

JW Scheduler Reviews

Brother Murli – India

“You have done an awesome job with this software an mobile App. Thank you again for all your hard work.”

Brother John – USA

JW Scheduler Reviews

Brother John – USA

“Great app! Very fast. Thanks! Keep up the great work!”

Brother David – USA

JW Scheduler Reviews

Brother David – USA

“This application is absolutely amazing. It is especially great during this pandemic.”

Brother James – USA

JW Scheduler Reviews

Brother James – USA

“This certainly makes preparing reports easier and removes some of the manual work. Thank you so much!”

Brother Charanjit – United Kingdom (UK)

JW Scheduler Reviews

Brother Charanjit – United Kingdom (UK)

“The installation was flawless, well done! The interface is clear and easy to understand.”

Brother Randal – USA

JW Scheduler Reviews

Brother Randal – USA

Brother Randal
JW Scheduler Reviews


How does JW Scheduler compare with similar programs and apps?

Our intention is not to criticize other software programs, since we are all “standing firm in one spirit, with one soul, striving side by side for the faith of the good news” – Philippians 1:27.

Instead, we invite you to explore the differences between JW Scheduler and these other programs for yourself.

“Thank you for having a ‘Comparison’ page. It was very helpful when trying out new programs!” – Brother Mike, USA

Data can be imported from Majestic KHS, Hourglass App, TSWin, CLM Explorer or CSV into JW Scheduler.

JW Scheduler strongly believes your congregation and member data is your own, and you should be able to Import and Export your data as you wish. We also believe it is fair and right to allow data exchange between other scheduling programs.

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