JW Public Talk Scheduler

JW Scheduler includes Public Talk Scheduler software. It is the quickest and easiest way to schedule Public Talks, both Local Talks and Away Talks.

In addition to the actual Public Talk Outline and Public Speaker, all other parts of weekend meeting can be scheduled, including the Chairman, Watchtower Reader and Public Speaker Hospitality. Outgoing schedules include a easy-to-understand history of all outgoing speakers and their availabilities.

All congregation, member and Public Talk schedule information can be automatically shared between the COBE, Public Talk Coordinator and any other elder.

Add Neighboring Congregations and Members to assist with Public Talk scheduling. When scheduling which Public Speaker and Outline, you can  directly chose from Neighbor congregations and members. This saves time and effort scheduling Public Talks.

When selecting a Neighboring Member to come and give a Public Talk, JW Scheduler will automatically suggest which Outline he should give, based on which Outlines the speaker can give, and which outlines your congregation has not recently heard.

Simple. Easy. Quick.

A new Congregation can be setup in less than one minute. This can then be Shared with others in your congregation in a few seconds. Alternatively, if others in your congregation already use the Christian Life and Ministry scheduler, then all you need to do is Open the Congregation.

New Members can be added in less than 30 seconds. Once added, they can be set to do Local Public Talks, Away Public Talks or any weekend duties, such as Attendants, Sound, Platform, Microphones, Public Speak Hospitality and more. They can even be added to Field Service Groups.

A real highlight of JW Scheduler is the scheduling. This has been designed to be quick and easy. A colourful User Interface shows what has and hasn’t been scheduled, and who is currently scheduled. Public Talk history is automatically recorded for both the Congregation and the Speaker. Duties and other non-teaching parts can be Automatically-Assigned, saving you even more time!

Once you’ve scheduled some Public Talks, you’re ready to print the beautiful Public Talk reports.

Beautiful Reports

JW Scheduler produces attractive, practical and appealing Public Talk reports. These reports can be saved in Document or PDF format.

Local Public Talk Schedule

The Local Public Talk Schedule should be printed and placed on the congregation noticeboard. This shows all the Local public talks, public speakers, congregations, as well as the Chairman, Watchtower Reader and Public Speaker Hospitality. Designed to be simple and easy-to-read.

Away Public Talk Schedule

This report gives an overview of which speakers are assign to which congregations to give Away Public Talks. It is useful when assigning Away Talks to ensure talks are evenly assigned, or no one speaker is giving too many Away Public Talks.

Public Talk Assignments

Print or distribute the Public Talk Assignments to each Local and Away Public Speaker. They are given a complete list of all upcoming public talks, including the Date, Outline and Congregation. The report is appealing and easy to understand.

Away Public Speakers List

The AwayPublicSpeakersList can be given to other Public Talk Coordinators. It contains a full list of all Public Speakers who have been approved to give Away Public Talks, including what Public Talk Outlines they can give. Of course, Public Talks should still be organised through the Public Talk Coordinator or COBE.

Congregation Public Talk History

Based off the S-99 form, the Congregation Public Talk History shows a complete history of all public talks and when they were given in the Congregation. The history goes back 5 years and forward 1 year. Use this report to ensure you don’t repeat Public Talks too often.

Share with others

Since both the Coordinator of the Body of Elders (COBE) and the Public Talk Coordinator usually are involved in scheduling Public Talks, JW Scheduler can automatically share data between these and any other brothers.

Congregation Sharing can be enabled with a single click, and takes just a few seconds. Others can then connect to the congregation by entering a password. All data is encrypted locally and in transmission.

Sharing happens automatically. Every time someone makes a change to the congregation, members or any schedule, this update is then automatically sent to all other users. There is no need to press Refresh or Update, or anything!

Multiple Languages

JW Scheduler is the only Public Talk software that allows you to run the program in one language, and then schedule in another language. This is especially useful for Foreign Language Groups or language learners.

New languages are constantly being added. Currently JW Scheduler is available in English, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, Portuguese, Italian, French, German and Turkish.

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