JW Scheduler Archive Downloads

This page contains all archive versions of JW Scheduler. However, we recommend you only use the latest version of JW Scheduler. For the latest version of JW Scheduler, please visit JW Scheduler Downloads.

JW Scheduler 3.4

Download Link: JW Scheduler 3.4

Release Date: 2019-12-05

  • Note: If you are currently using JW Scheduler 3.3. or less, and Congregation Sharing is enabled, please see Congregation Sharing Update 3.4. before updating JW Scheduler.


  • NEW FEATURE: Restore from Automatic Backup. Available on Congregation > Congregation Information view. JW Scheduler makes an automatic backup every time the program is closed, these can now be restored from within JW Scheduler.
  • UPDATE: New Version Information now displayed when JW Scheduler is updated.
  • FIX: Several bug fixes, including crash fixes, Sharing fixes, template and schedule fixes, etc. Thanks for everyone who reported these bugs!
  • FIX: Older CLM Assignment Slips missing names. Please note you must Restore from Automatic Backup for these to come through. Or you can “Reassign” the part.


  • MAJOR UPDATE: Congregation Sharing has been completely re-written. Congregation Sharing does NOT STORE any confidential data online, and is now fully compliant with sfl and the strict European Union GDPR Privacy laws. Congregation Sharing is now located under Congregation > Congregation Sharing.
  • MAJOR UPDATE: JW Scheduler data has been updated to be more stable, easier to share, more secure, and take less space. All scheduling, field service and meeting attendance data is automatically deleted after 36 months, except for Public Talk data, which is automatically deleted after 60 months.
  • NEW FEATURE: Export Members to CSV (excel). Unlike other popular scheduling programs, we beleive your congregation and member data is *your* data and can be exported as you wish.
  • NEW FEATURE: Congregation Registration Key. When registering JW Scheduler, you can select either an INDIVIDUAL or CONGREGATION Registration Key. The Congregation Registration Key allows all brothers in your congregation to have FULL access to JW Scheduler.
  • NEW LANGUAGES: Tamil, Vietnamese, Arabic, Greek, Cibemba, Dutch and Zulu!
  • NEW REPORTS: (Secretary) Group Field Service Summary and Group Field Service Reports Collection. (Members) Print members according to any Filter or Group, and select which information to include. Assignments Field Service Member List, Assignments Other Member List.
  • UPDATE: User Access is now automatically enabled when Congregation Sharing is enabled, and is now located under Congregation > Congregation Sharing. Fixed a few User Access bugs.
  • UPDATE: Inactive Publisher Record card now shows the last month the publisher shared in the ministry.
  • UPDATE: Member Filters added a few more options.
  • UPDATE: Members > Information now adds a new Custom Field and Last Report field (for Inactive ones). The interface has improved.
  • UPDATE: Members > Assign now contains a new category ‘Field Service’, and Other now has 2 custom fields.
  • UPDATE: Life and Meeting Scheduling now shows the Assistant in Part History.
  • UPDATE: Away Public Talks interface simplified and updated to match the rest of JW Scheduler. More stable.
  • UPDATE: Warning given if Away Public Speaker has no outlines set, and new option to Show All Outlines.
  • FIX: S-21 Printing for CO now correctly prints in Document format.
  • FIX: Printing Field Service Groups now correctly excludes Children and Inactive.
  • FIX: Several bugs with Public Talks
  • FIX: Auto-Assign bugs.
  • FIX: Several interface fixes.
  • FIX: Several fixes to various templates and reports.
JW Scheduler 3.3

Download Link: JW Scheduler 3.3

Release Date: 2019-11-02

  • NEW FEATURE: Import from CSV file. You can now import Members from a CSV file into JW Scheduler.
  • NEW FEATURE: Circuit Overseer Name and Contact Details fields. This will be displayed on the Emergency Contact Information Report (see sfl 26:2).
  • NEW REPORT: Student Usage. Shows what assignments have been given to each student.
  • NEW REPORT: Emergency Contact Information. Condensed contact sheet that can be printed and saved by all members.
  • UPDATE: Various UI updates. Secretary category has been removed. Congregation Field Service Report can be found under Congregation, and Secretary Printing has been merged with Printing > Secretary.
  • UPDATE: Added various new Member fields: Elderly/Infirm, Kingdom Hall Keys, Special Public Witnessing, Conduct Field Service Group and a Custom Assignment.
  • UPDATE: Many language translations updated. Thanks to the hardworking translators!
  • UPDATE: In the future new Translation updates will be automatically downloaded by JW Scheduler, and therefore appear much faster.
  • UPDATE: Members Assign tab now has “ALL” button to allow for quick selecting of multiple Assignments.
  • UPDATE: Email Message can now be edited, including translated into other languages.
  • UPDATE: Password Reset Email if you forget your JW Scheduler password.
  • UPDATE: S-21 can now Save to Word format to allow extra edits.
  • UPDATE: Members List – Auxiliary Pioneer Filter now shows those who are Auxiliary Pioneering for the current month.
  • UPDATE: Members List now shows Last Name first.
  • UPDATE: Various Member Lists now correctly sort by Last Name, First Name.
  • UPDATE: If all Members are correctly assigned to a Field Service Group, the “Unassigned” group will not print.
  • UPDATE: Various Reports and Templates have been updated and now include Letter size, e.g. Assignments by Member, Duties Schedule, etc.
  • UPDATE: Auto-Assign has been improved yet again, and now assigns parts extremely evenly.
  • UPDATE: Public Talk Schedule can now be printed without the Hospitality column.
  • UPDATE: The Enter Key now behaves like the TAB key when entering Field Service Reports, to allow quick entry using the Keypad.
  • FIX: Some Letter-sized Reports and Schedules were incorrectly set to Legal size.
  • FIX: Custom Field and Custom Duty names are now correctly saving and printing.
  • FIX: CLM Students – Available Members not correctly shows all students.
  • FIX: Auto-Assign now checks Away Period dates for Public Talks and Duties.
  • FIX: Various minor User Access errors.
  • FIX: JW Scheduler Start-up should be faster and more stable.
  • FIX: Assistant names not printing under certain circumstances.
  • FIX: Congregation Field Service Groups report minor fixes.
  • FIX: Various dates appearing in English when printing.
  • FIX: Minor problems with some templates.
  • FIX: Average Placements, Videos, Hours, RVs and Bible Studies now showing correctly on the Members view.
JW Scheduler 3.2.2

Download Link: JW Scheduler 3.2.2

Release Date: 2019-10-01


  • UPDATE: When setting the Congregation Language to a language other than English, the user is now reminded how to Help Improve the Translation. (I get asked this a lot 🙂
  • UPDATE: Help. Most Help pages are now complete.
  • UPDATE: Setting a member as a CLM Student will now automatically tick the CLM parts, and visa-versa.
  • FIX: Cleaning Groups list.
  • Minor fixes and updates, including many updated translation files and updated Outlines.


  • UPDATE: Majestic KHS Import…
  • FIX: Auto-Assign bugs.
  • FIX: Other minor bugs causing crashes.


  • NEW FEATURE: New option to automatically Print Congregation Publisher Records for Circuit Overseer Visit (see sfl 22:12). Click Secretary > Secretary Printing.
  • NEW FEATURE: Publisher Moved. If a publisher moves congregations, and might later return, mark them as Moved. This will not delete them, but also not count them in your congregation. Of course if they will not likely return, it is better to Delete them. The Members List now has a new Filter for Moved.
  • NEW FEATURE: Create a Sample Congregation. If you are still testing JW Scheduler, you can now create a Sample Congregation and better see how JW Scheduler works.
  • NEW FEATURE: User Access can now limit who can Schedule the Life and Ministry Meeting – COBE and CLMO parts.
  • UPDATE: Auto-Assign has been greatly improved.
  • UPDATE: UBP now includes a “First Month” date field. This ensures a new UBP is not marked as Irregular.
  • UPDATE: Congregation Field Service Report now shows SPs (although not counted the monthly report)
  • UPDATE: Public Talk for Special Talk or CO can now be entered as text.
  • UPDATE: School Assignment slips now include Letter size template.
  • UPDATE: Majestic KHS import now working better.
  • FIX: Many minor improvements to avoid crashing, make the program faster, etc.
  • FIX: Selected Member Group Name
  • FIX: Congregation Field Service Report minor fixes and is now much faster.
  • FIX: With the next update, the Download button will time-out if the download failed. This will also give you the option to manually download.
JW Scheduler 3.1.1

Download Link: JW Scheduler 3.1.1

Release Date: 2019-09-16


  • UPDATE: JW Scheduler file sized reduced by another 10%.
  • FIX: Printing Assignment Slips Auxiliary Halls now Ticks correctly.
  • FIX: Some translation updates.
  • FIX: Delete Key now correctly deletes members.
  • NOTE: Many JW Scheduler Help pages have now been updated. Still a few more to go…


  • UPDATE: Added Inactive and Irregular checkboxes. Some congregations don’t use JW Scheduler for Field Service Activity, so this can now be manually set if needed.
  • UPDATE: Moved Publisher Reports from Secretary view to Members view. This is more logical, since all Member-related information can be edited in the same place.
    UPDATE: Added RP Number field.
  • FIX: Majestic KHS Import is now more stable and accurate, with better error reporting. Unfortunately some users KHS database files have corrupted data, which sometimes causes Import from KHS to fail or produce strange results. If your KHS Import didn’t work correctly, please Delete your congregation and try again.
  • FIX: TSWin Import is now more stable and accurate, with better error reporting. If your TSWin Import didn’t work correctly, please delete your congregation and try again.
  • FIX: S-21 Publisher Card minor fix.
  • FIX: School Summary Template fix.
  • FIX: Cleaning and Lawn crash fix.
  • FIX: Members Notes minor fix.
  • FIX: DOB, Baptism Date, etc will now use the DateFormat specified in Settings.
  • FIX: Abbreviations E, MS, PUB, etc will now show in correct language.
  • FIX: Past Public Talk History minor fix.
  • FIX: Other minor fixes and improvements.
  • FIX: User Access. Some users activated User Access before creating members, and therefore locked themselves out of JW Scheduler. This is no longer possible, and User Access now requires at least 2 members to have Edit User Access before it can be activated.

JW Scheduler 3.0

Download Link: JW Scheduler 3.0

Release Date: 2019-09-04

  • NEW FEATURE: User Access. Elders can now limit access to JW Scheduler, e.g. allow only certain Elders to edit Members, allow MS to only access the Schedules, etc.
  • NEW FEATURE: Congregation Assignments. You can now view who is handling each Congregation Assignment, e.g. Accounts, Secretary, Literature, etc. Includes Report.
  • NEW FEATURE: Many new Reports & Templates have been added to JW Scheduler! E.G. Congregation Summary, Member Field Service Summary, Assignments by Member, School Summary, RP Hours, 1-year Baptism, and many more.
  • NEW FEATURE: Can now import from TSWIN!
  • NEW FEATURE: Starting with the next version, you can update JW Scheduler from within the program itself.
  • NEW FEATURE: JW Scheduler now records and tracks who is Active, Inactive and Irregular.
  • UPDATE: Active, Inactive and Irregular is now only based on previous Field Service activity. This is updated every month with the Secretary submits the new Field Service Report. Previous “Active” check box has been removed.
  • UPDATE: Added label to Members View and Publisher Record View showing whether a Publisher is Active, Inactive or Irregular.
  • UPDATE: Many additional Member fields. E.G. Work, Home and Cell Phone, DPA Card, Child, RP Date, Disfellowshipped, etc.
  • UPDATE: New Custom Member field, e.g. GPRD Compliance, Working with Children Check, etc. Adjust to suit your congregation.
  • UPDATE: Baptism and Birth Date now using Date Selectors (not text). Along with Address, are now all shown on the Members View.
  • UPDATE: Set when a Publisher first started preaching (i.e. became an UBP). This is done on their Publisher Record card.
  • UPDATE: Congregation View redesigned to be even easier to use. Field Service Groups, Meeting Attendance, Congregation Assignments and Neighbor Congregations now all have their own View, and are located under Congregation.
  • UPDATE: New Custom Duty type, e.g. Security or Carpark, etc. Adjust to suit your congregation.
  • UPDATE: Sound & Video Duty has been split into 2 separate duties.
  • UPDATE: Many Reports & Templates have been updated to include more information and be easier to read.
  • UPDATE: Due to the increase in Reports and Templates, we have reorganised the Report Categories.
  • UPDATE: Field Service Group Report can now include or exclude Children, Bible Students and Inactive.
  • UPDATE: Public Talks Away can now include the Neighbor Congregation Meeting Day and Time
  • UPDATE: Foreign Language Groups can now schedule the Living parts, as per the new branch direction.
  • UPDATE: JW Scheduler Install and Update file size reduced by about 50%.
  • UPDATE: The way JW Scheduler handles Translations has been adjusted, which should result in more natural and accurate translations.
  • UPDATE: Help View has been completely redesigned to make it easier to get the help you need. This will progressively be made available.
  • UPDATE: Several new languages added.
  • FIX: Email Slips and Schedules has been fixed. This should now be more reliable.
  • FIX: Week 3 of CLM Monthly Schedule fixed.
  • FIX: Import from KHS now correctly imports Field Service History and phone numbers.
  • FIX: Fixed some Congregation Sharing issues with Duties.
  • FIX: All dates now display in correct Date Format, according to your Settings.
  • FIX: Improved handling of Field Service Reports.
  • FIX: All Member Details Report fix.
  • FIX: Meeting Attendance Report fix.
JW Scheduler 2.6

Download Link: JW Scheduler 2.6

Release Date: 2019-08-12

  • NEW FEATURE: Secretary – Meeting Attendance. Meeting Attendance can now be recorded, including generating S-88 forms. Click Secretary > Congregation Meeting Attendance to access this new feature.
  • NEW FEATURE: Secretary can now Export a list of those who haven’t reported Field Service for this month. This report is listed by Group, so you can send this to Group Overseers. Access this on the Secretary > Congregation Field Service Report page.
  • NEW FEATURE: Import from Majestic KHS. You can now directly import Congregation data from KHS to JW Scheduler.
  • UPDATE: Duties can now schedule 4 x Attendants and can set a Custom Name for this duty. (e.g. Security).
  • UPDATE: Anyone can now be set as a Group Overseer or Group Assistant. This is no longer limited to Elders and Ministerial Servants.
  • UPDATE: A warning is now given if a Group already has a Group Overseer or Group Assistant.
  • UPDATE: Congregation View has been updated to make it clearer, allow more space for Groups, Neighboring Congregations and Neighboring Members.
  • UPDATE: Congregation View now includes more buttons, such as Restore Congregation.
  • UPDATE: CLM View will now show the Chairman or Auxiliary Counsellor names in any Apply Yourself Talks or Video parts.
  • UPDATE: CLM View now has a vertical scrollbar if the screen size is too small.
  • UPDATE: Startup Program Password is now obscured by default. Press Show Password to make it visible.
  • UPDATE: Clear Public Talk History has been moved to the Schedule Public Talks – Incoming View.
  • UPDATE: Duties will no longer be Auto-Assigned to a member if that member has a Teaching Part on the Life and Ministry Meeting.
  • UPDATE: Registration Key files are now easier to open. JWSchedulerKey files can now be double-clicked and opened directly.
  • UPDATE: Starting with the next version, a New Version Information window will show whenever a new version is available. This will show what has been updated without having to visit the website.
  • FIX: Neighbor Congregations and Neighbor Members syncing is now much more stable.
  • FIX: Minor scheduling fix for September 2019.
  • FIX: Minor Colourful Monthly Template fix for the 3rd week.
  • FIX: Scheduling Duties Auto-Assign crash and Special Dates fixed.
  • FIX: Congregation Field Service Reports will now show in correct Date order.
JW Scheduler 2.5.3

Download Link: JW Scheduler 2.5.3

Release Date: 2019-07-30

NEW FEATURE: JW Secretary Program! JW Scheduler now includes a JW Secretary program, allowing Congregation Secretaries to enter Field Service Reports, maintain Congregation Publisher Records, compile the Monthly Congregation Field Service Report and print S-21 Publisher Cards. The Secretary feature is available from the Main Menu, and can only be accessed by Elders. Since all data is shared with other Elders, this will help the Secretary save time, and ensures you don’t need to maintain 2 sets of Publisher Lists! Please let your Congregation Secretary know of this new feature.

  • NEW FEATURE: Emergency Contacts. JW Scheduler now allows Emergency Contacts to be stored for each Member. This feature not only helps Secretaries, but all Group Overseers and other elders. You can access Emergency Contacts from the Members tab or the Secretary > Publisher Records tab.
  • NEW FEATURE: Filter by Group. Members can now be filtered or listed by Group. This is available on both the Members tab and the Secretary tab.
  • NEW FEATURE: Count members. The Members List will now count how many members you have. If you filter or display only a subset of members, this will also be counted. For example, you can now quickly see how many Publishers or Regular Pioneers you have, or how many members are in a particular group.
  • NEW FEATURE: Public Talk Past History. Congregations can now quickly and easily enter past Public Talk History into JW Scheduler. To enter Past History, click Schedule > Public Talks Incoming > Enter Past History button.
  • UPDATE: Scheduling Local Needs parts will now only show Elders. CLM Auto-Assign will also now only schedule an Elder to take this part.
  • UPDATE: Improved Error Reporting when printing PDFs and Documents.
  • UPDATE: Many updates to various translations, including Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal), Haitian, Turkish, Indonesian, etc. If you notice any problems with the Translations, please visit How to Improve JW Scheduler Translations
  • NEW LANGUAGE: JW Scheduler is now available in Hindi हिंदी
  • FIXES: Various minor bug fixes, such as Public Talk reports, Sharing, etc. Thanks to everyone who reported these bugs! If you notice any bugs, please let us know.
  • UPDATE: Password Protecting Program will now hide the Side-Menu unless a correct password has been entered.
  • NEW LANGUAGES: Chinese Mandarin (Traditional) 中文繁体 & Zulu IsiZulu
  • FIXES: Various minor bug fixes, such as cloud sharing problem with August, Public Talks Away, printing foreign language S-21, Publisher Cards for Elders, etc.
  • UPDATE: Updates to various translations, including Spanish and Chinese. If you notice any problems with the Translations, please visit How to Improve JW Scheduler Translations
  • FIXES: Various minor bug fixes, such as Emailing assignment slips and schedules, Removing Cleaning Groups, Auto-Assign, Printing, etc.
  • UPDATE: Updates to various translations, including Spanish, French and Chinese. If you notice any problems with the Translations, please visit How to Improve JW Scheduler Translations
  • UPDATE: JW Secretary Program Report Hours can now be recorded in 15 minute increments.
  • UPDATE: JW Secretary Program added an Address field for publishers (optional). This will not show up on Publisher Record cards, as per the latest form, but we will soon be adding a new Emergency Contact template that will show all Publisher information, including Address.
  • FIX: Emailing schedules and Assignment Slips has now been fixed and should be much more stable.
  • FIX: S-140 form fixed. Some CLM parts were showing in the wrong week.
  • NEW LANGUAGES: Polish, Swedish and Romanian.
JW Scheduler 2.4

Download Link: JW Scheduler 2.4

Release Date: 2019-04-30

  • NEW FEATURE: Auto-Assign for Christian Life and Ministry Parts. You can now use Auto-Assign when scheduling all Christian Life and Ministry parts. This functions similar to Auto-Assign for Duties and Cleaning. Simply click the Schedule > Life and Ministry Meeting view > Auto-Assign button.
  • NEW FEATURE: Email Schedules and Assignment Slips. JW Scheduler now supports emailing schedules and assignment slips. No setup is required, everything is automatic. However please make sure the email address are correct! Incorrect email addresses will not show an error. Email schedules or assignment slips via the Reports view.
  • NEW FEATURE: Set Members to be Away. If a publisher will be away for a length of time, you can set them as “Away” between two dates. If a publisher is away, they will not be shown when Selecting Members or when using Auto-Assign. When a publisher returns, they will automatically be shown again, no need to do anything. To set a Member as Away, click on the Members view > click Away button.
  • NEW FEATURE: Multiple Cleaning Schedules. JW Scheduler now supports multiple cleaning schedules, e.g. Weekly Kingdom Hall Clean and After Meeting Clean. In some Kingdom Halls, the Weekly Hall Clean is rotated among several congregations. JW Scheduler now allows for this. This can be changed in the Schedule > Cleaning view.
  • UPDATE: Redesigned the Congregation view to make it simpler and easier to see all the information.
  • UPDATE: Weekend Duties will no longer clash with Midweek duties. E.G. If a member is scheduled to read the Watchtower, a warning is given before using him for other duties like Sound, Platform etc. Auto-Assign also will not use that brother.
  • UPDATE: Duties Scheduler now has support for 4 x Microphones, as some congregations swap brothers half-way through the Watchtower.
  • UPDATE: The Reports view will now show a “Please wait, Processing…” message when the Schedules and Assignment slips are being generated.
  • FIXES: Various other minor bug fixes, such as scheduling Public Talks, Chairman outline schedule, skipping the Memorial week, printing schedules with 5 weeks, S-140 adjustments, etc. Thanks to everyone who reported these bugs! If you notice any bugs, please let us know.
JW Scheduler 2.3

Download Link: JW Scheduler 2.3

Release Date: 2019-03-31

  • NEW FEATURE: Neighboring Congregations and Members. Add Neighboring Congregations and Members to assist with Public Talk scheduling. When scheduling which Public Speaker and Outline, you can now directly chose from your Neighbor Congregations. This saves time and effort scheduling Public Talks. Neighboring or nearby Congregations and Members can be added from the Congregation screen.
  • NEW FEATURE: Suggest Outline. When selecting a Neighboring Member to come and give a Public Talk, JW Scheduler will now automatically suggest which Outline he should give, based on which Outlines the speaker can give, and which outlines you have not had for a while.
  • NEW FEATURE: Export/Import Public Speakers. Export your Congregation Public Talk Speakers and Share with other nearby or neighboring congregations with a single click!
  • UPDATE: Can now add the theme of the upcoming Special Talk. This feature can also be used to schedule any Special Event talks.
  • UPDATE: Minor update to the S-140 Template.
  • FIX: Various other minor bug fixes, mostly related to Public Talk scheduling. Thanks for reporting. If you notice any bugs, please let us know!
JW Scheduler 2.2

Download Link: JW Scheduler 2.2

Release Date: 2019-03-21

  • NEW FEATURE: Lawn and Garden Care! You can now schedule Kingdom Hall Lawn and Garden Care, also called Lawn and Garden Maintenance. Print a separate Lawn and Garden Schedule, or combine with the Cleaning schedule.
  • NEW FEATURE: Password protection. You can now password protect JW Scheduler. Since all data is already encrypted, this is an excellent way to fully protect all Congregation, Member and schedule information. However please be careful to remember your password!
  • UPDATE: New option to set a Member as “Student only”. This is useful since not all Apply yourself to  Students are publishers or unbaptised publishers.
  • FIX: Auto-Assignment bug fixes
  • FIX: Assignment Slips bug fixes with some languages
  • FIX: Various other minor bug fixes. Thanks for reporting. If you notice any bugs, please let us know!
JW Scheduler 2.1

Download Link: JW Scheduler 2.1

Release Date: 2019-03-10

  • NEW FEATURE: Added Backup Reminder for offsite backups. Although JW Scheduler automatically saves and performs backups, it is wise to also periodically backup to USB or a File Sharing website. You will now be reminded every X weeks (default 4, can be adjusted in Settings). Backup Reminders can be disabled by setting Backup Reminder to 0 weeks.
  • UPDATE: Updated the Chairman Outline Template
  • UPDATE: Added Portrait Public Talk Schedule Template. This might fit better on your Congregation Notice Board.
  • UPDATE: Various Language translations. Thank you to those who helped improve the translation into different languages! If you want to help or notice any problems with the translations, please see How Can I Help
  • FIX: Better remembers last used templates
  • FIX: Fixed various bugs related to Templates, Auto-Assign, Away Public Talks, UBP Members, Printing PDFs, etc. Thank you for everyone who reported bugs! If you notice any bugs, please report them.
JW Scheduler 2.0

Download Link: JW Scheduler 2.0

Release Date: 2019-02-25

We are pleased to announce a major update and new name for JW Scheduler!

  • NEW FEATURE: JW Scheduler now supports scheduling Public Talks, both Incoming and Outgoing speakers, Duties including Attendants, Sounds, Video, Platform, Microphones and Cleaning.
  • NEW FEATURE: JW Scheduler can now be used by the Service Overseer to arrange and organise Field Service Groups, including assigning the Overseer, Assistants, Pioneers and publishers.
  • NEW FEATURE: JW Scheduler can now be used by congregation Secretaries to store personal information for all congregation members.
  • NEW NAME: JW CLM Scheduler has been renamed JW Scheduler. This better reflects the fact that JW Schedule is a complete package for scheduling everything in a congregation!
  • NEW REGISTRATION: JW Schedule can now be installed on as many personal devices as you like, e.g. your main computer, laptop and tablets.
  • UPDATE: The User Interface has been updated to be more appealing, while showing more useful information.
  • UPDATE: Members list now allows Filtering by Active/Inactive, Baptised, Male, Female, Elders, Ministerial Servants, Special, Regular and Auxiliary Pioneers and more.
  • UPDATE: Many new Templates for scheduling the Public Talks, Duties and Cleaning Schedules.
  • UPDATE: Can now select whether a Member is the Group Overseer, Group Servant or Group Assistant. Can also select whether they are a Special Pioneer, Regular Pioneer or Auxiliary Pioneer.
  • UPDATE: Chairman’s Outline Template now shows Start times, not End times. This is more in line with branch direction.
  • Bug Fixes: Some small bug fixes for the S-140 template.
JW CLM Scheduler v1.4

Download Link: JW CLM Scheduler v1.4

Release Date: 2019-01-29

  • NEW TEMPLATE: S-140 is now available!
  • NEW FEATURE: You can now schedule for Foreign Language Groups! Mark a School as a Foreign Language Group and you can schedule this group to conduct their own Treasures Talk, Digging for Spiritual Gems and Congregation Bible Study.
  • NEW FEATURE: JW CLM Scheduler now works will small screen sizes, and scales better at large screen sizes. Layout has been re-designed. Further changes are coming to make it even easier to use.
  • NEW FEATURE: Settings will now automatically remember the last View and selected Template.
  • UPDATE: Schedule and Assignment Slips will now use Meeting Day of Week when printing.
  • UPDATE: Video parts now shows who will take the part, namely either the Chairman or Auxiliary Counselor.
  • UPDATE: Monthly Schedule now shows the Weekly Bible Reading for each week.
  • UPDATE: Can now select whether a Member is the Group Overseer, Group Servant or Group Assistant.
  • Bug Fix: Monthly Schedule – Week 2 Chairman
  • Bug Fix: Timing for Living Parts fixed
  • Bug Fix: Sometimes Member data would not save correctly.

FUTURE: JW CLM Scheduler is currently being designed to also schedule Public Talks, Sound and Attendants, Cleaning and much more. The next update will be big!

JW CLM Scheduler v1.3

Alternate Download Link: JW CLM Scheduler v1.3

Release Date: 2019-01-09

  • NEW FEATURE: Assignment Slips can now adjust Font Size, making them easier to read. (Adjust in Settings)
  • NEW FEATURE: Assignment Slips can now adjust Date Format, allowing you to chose which format best suits your congregation. (Adjust in Settings)
  • NEW FEATURE: Selecting Member: Automatically suggests the best member for a part. This saves you time when scheduling.
  • UPDATE: Now uses the new 2019 Assignment Slips
  • UPDATE: Assignment Slips now display further Part information underneath the date.
  • UPDATE: Help section has been updated to better reflect the available JW CLM Scheduler Help options.
  • UPDATE: When choosing the Assistant, can no longer select a member of the opposite sex.
  • BUG FIXES: Chairman Outline fields now all correctly display.
  • BUG FIXES: Assistant Assignment Slips now all correctly print.
JW CLM Scheduler v1.2

Alternate Download Link: JW CLM Scheduler v1.2

Release Date: 2018-12-21

  • Import from CLM Explorer. Do you currently use CLM Explorer? You can now Import congregation, schedule and student data from CLM Explorer into JW CLM Scheduler with a single click!
  • Auxiliary School Overseer. Schedule a different Auxiliary School Overseer each week.
  • Reports View. Templates now contain a Preview showing what they will look like.
  • Templates. Templates were updated to be more appealing, and contain references to the Auxiliary School Overseers.
  • Special Weeks. Weeks can now be set to Circuit Overseer, Assembly / Convention, Memorial or Cancel.
JW CLM Scheduler v1.1

Release Date: 2018-12-12

  • Share data. The COBE and Life and Ministry Overseer can automatically share the Congregation, Member and Scheduler from their own computers. 
  • Schedule the entire Life and Ministry Meeting, including all parts and prayers.
  • Flexible. Schedule some of the meeting, or all of it. Enter some member data or all member data. Can print any schedule without completing the whole meeting. 
  • Supports multiple languages at the same time, e.g. use the program in one language, create the schedule in another. Useful if you serve in a foreign language group or are still learning the language.
  • Tracks the history of all students, including Elders and Ministerial Servants.
  • Modern User Interface using the latest programming techniques.
  • A variety of appealing Templates to choose from, with more and more added with each update.
  • Automatically saves and automatically backs up. No need to press any save buttons (which you might forget!)
  • Font size readable in any languages.
  • Safe and secure. ALL data is locally encrypted. If you choose to Share data, this is again encrypted both during transfer and at storage.
  • Save schedules in DOC or PDF format. Print or email (coming soon) any schedule.

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