JW Scheduler Future New Features

Due to the overwhelming support for JW Scheduler, we have received many Feature Requests and Suggestions. Thank you for your suggestions!

We carefully evaluate each Feature Request for possible inclusion in JW Scheduler. As you can understand, we cannot include every feature request in JW Scheduler. We need to balance simplicity with functionality. We also must consider there are many congregations in many countries using JW Scheduler. What makes sense to one congregation might be strange to another.

When evaluating a Feature Request, we consider the following:

  • How many people have requested this feature?
  • Will many congregations benefit, or just a few?
  • Is it really necessary? Is there another way to do it?
  • Will the feature be easily understood and easy to use?
  • How long or how difficult will it be to implement?

The New Feature Roadmap below shows what new features we are currently working on or plan to include in the future. The list is generally in order of priority, but this can change. New versions of JW Scheduler are generally released monthly, and we hope to include as many new features on this list as possible.

In addition to new features, we try to include as many updates and small improvements as possible in each new release.

If you have a Suggestion or Feature Request, or would like to request the priority of one of the below features is increased, please Contact Us.

JW Scheduler New Feature Roadmap

  • JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition for Apple iOS & Google Android (ongoing development)
  • Importing data from more programs, such as Public Talk 2018 by theocraticsoftware.
  • Option for arranging publishers by Family.
  • Field Service Groups include fields for Day, Time, Location Group.
  • Ability to swap Firstname/Lastname Display on reports.
  • Support smaller screen sizes.
  • Local Field Service Scheduling
  • Public Witnessing Scheduling

JW Scheduler - Publisher Edition for Apple iOS & Google Android

We are pleased to announce that we are currently designing a new app called JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition for Apple iOS and Google Android. 

This app will compliment JW Scheduler and enable Congregation Publishers to receive notifications and reminders on their phone for upcoming Congregation Events, Assignments (CLM Parts, Public Talks), Duties (Microphone, Watchtower Reading, Cleaning, etc). We also hope to allow Field Service reports to be submitted directly into JW Scheduler.

This app will be free for all Publishers. More details will be made available in the future.

We are aiming for a release date of April 2020.

JW Scheduler Apple iOS & Google Android App

An often requested feature is to make JW Scheduler for Apple iOS or Google Android, so it can be used on tablets and smartphones. Thank you for requesting this. However, as explained in the Frequently Asked Questions:

“There are currently no plans to release the full JW Scheduler on iOS or Android. This would involve a huge amount of work, and is really not necessary. Tablets and Smartphones are wonderful tools for attending meetings & the ministry, but they are not designed for deep study, research, congregation management and scheduling.

It is entirely reasonable that all appointed brothers own a simple and affordable laptop or desktop computer. That way they can use Watchtower Library, write and print talks, perform in-depth research, write correspondence to the branch and perform other congregation duties.

In fact, a cheap laptop can be purchased for just a few hundred dollars, which is cheaper than an iPad and many smart phones!”

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