Simple and Secure

Easy to use

JW Scheduler has been designed to be simple and easy to use. Our goal is for all appointed brothers to be able to quickly and easily learn to use JW Scheduler, so they can get on with the more important things like Preaching, Teaching and Shepherding.

To achieve that goal, we carefully consider and plan each new feature, change and update. If a new feature is complicated, we have to redesign or re-think. We also perform extensive User Testing before releasing new features or making changes.

For example, JW Scheduler can:

Security and Privacy

JW Scheduler takes data privacy and security very seriously. We feel that your member and congregation data is yours, and should be fully secure at all times.

JW Scheduler implements the following security practises on your local computer:

  1. All data is always encrypted, both when the program is open and closed.
    • Note: JW Scheduler uses a 128-bit key, CipherMode CBC and PaddingMode PKCS7.
  2. All data is stored on your local computer, under your User Profile folder, meaning other users of your computer can’t access it.
  3. JW Scheduler can be password protected.
  4. All Backup Files are encrypted and ZIP password protected.
  5. No personal information is required when using JW Scheduler.
  6. JW Scheduler developers or support personnel cannot view or edit your data.
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