JW Scheduler is Simple and Easy to use

JW Scheduler has been designed to be simple and easy to use. Our goal is for all appointed brothers to be able to quickly and easily learn to use JW Scheduler, so they can get on with the more important things like Preaching, Teaching and Shepherding.

To achieve that goal, we carefully consider and plan each new feature, change and update. If a new feature is complicated, we have to redesign or re-think. We also perform extensive User Testing before releasing new features or making changes.

For example, JW Scheduler can:

  • Create a New Congregation in under 60 seconds
  • Add a new Member in under 30 seconds
  • Schedule the Life and Ministry Meeting in a few minutes
  • Schedule Public Talks in a few minutes
  • Schedule Duties and Cleaning in about a minute
  • Print or Email schedules in less than a minute.
  • Send Assignments and Duties to the App in under 10 seconds.

Further Improvements

We understand that “Plans fail when there is no consultation, But there is accomplishment through many advisers.”Proverbs 15:22

Therefore, we welcome any suggestions for improving JW Scheduler or making it easier to use. Please feel free to Contact Us with your suggestions.

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