JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition iOS & Android App

JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition App is currently BETA TESTING.
Please DO NOT release to all publishers.
If you would like to assist in Beta testing, please Register for Beta Testing below.

JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition is an iOS and Android App that allows publishers to see upcoming Christian Life and Ministry meeting & Public Talk assignments, upcoming Duties, submit Field Service Reports, view upcoming Congregation Events and any recent Congregation Announcements.

Data inside the JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition App is generated by JW Scheduler (Desktop Edition for appointed brothers). Therefore you must be using JW Scheduler to allow publishers to use and enable the App.

TO ALL REGISTERED BETA TESTERS: Beta Testing Notes can be found at Common JW Scheduler App Problems & Solutions. These contain the latest information about new features and changes. Please carefully review all changes to ensure you understand the new features and updates.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT an official App of Jehovah’s Witnesses and does not replace any official App. This App does not contain any misleading information, does not contain any ‘spiritual food’ and does not gather any personal data from users. All data inside this App comes from the local congregation only. Just as Skype & Zoom Apps help Jehovah’s Witnesses hold digital meetings, this App helps publishers digitally receive information from the local congregation.

Register for Beta Testing

JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition App is currently BETA TESTING. Please DO NOT release to all publishers.

If you would like to assist with testing before the official release:

  1. Read the rest of this page as well as JWSchedulerApp.com and ensure you are familiar with how the App works, how to setup and how to solve problems.
  2. Understand that you may encounter bugs and problems. If you would rather not help diagnose problems, please do not assist in testing and wait for the official release.
  3. Inside JW Scheduler, click Enable JW Scheduler App.
  4. Visit Beta Testing Instructions and carefully follow the instructions.
  5. Select several brothers and sisters in your congregation to be testers.
  6. Once you have started testing, please Contact Us with any positive feedback, problems, issues or suggestions.

How to Enable JW Scheduler - Publisher Edition App

Note: Before enabling the JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition App, please ensure you understand how the App works, how to setup and how to solve any problems. Please also ensure the elders are willing to help and support the publishers, since we are unable to offer individual support for publishers.

  1. Open JW Scheduler
  2. Click App
  3. Click the button Enable JW Scheduler App
  4. Set a 6-digit Congregation PIN
    1. Note: This PIN will be given to publishers to allow them to connect to your congregation.
  5. The App has now been enabled and publishers can connect to the congregation! A list of all members who can connect is shown in the App Members.
    1. Note: By default, all publishers and CLM students with a First Name will be able to use the App.
JW Scheduler - Publisher Edition iOS & Android APP - APP Members

Allow publishers to connect to the congregation

  1. Once the App has been enabled, any member listed in App Members is able to connect to the congregation. They will need to first download the App on their mobile device, and then will need the following information:
    • Congregation ID
    • Congregation PIN
    • Member PIN
    • First name
  2. A report of all App Members and their Member PINs can be printed by clicking Print App Members, or from Reports > Members > App Members
    1. Note: We recommend Group Overseers help those in their field service group install and use the App.

Please visit the JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition App Website for more information about the App Features, Downloading the JW Scheduler App and Help using JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition App

How to Send data to the App

Unlike Congregation Sharing, new schedules or updates made in JW Scheduler are not automatically sent to the App. All data must be sent manually by the person who created it. The reason for this is often when scheduling assignments or duties, especially if using Auto Assign, lots of changes are made before the schedule is “complete”.

Data should only be sent to the App once the schedule is complete and final. While changes or updates can later be made, it will frustrate publishers to receive a constant stream of new notifications. Data sent to the App will immediately show up on publishers devices, and depending on their preferences, they will receive a notification.

The only exception to this is removing data. If you remove an assignment, announcement, event, etc or clear a schedule, these changes are automatically sent to the APP after a few seconds. Publishers are not notified when data is removed.

It is recommend to send any data to the App before you close JW Scheduler. If you try and close JW Scheduler while still having unsent data, you will receive a warning. Even so, if you close JW Scheduler without sending the data, you can still send the data in the future when you next open JW Scheduler. However no one else will be able to send that data, only you.

Note: It is not possible to send changes to the App that someone else made. The brother responsible for creating or updating a schedule is also responsible for sending this data to the App.

  1. Once a schedule has been completed, click App
  2. Under Send to App, select what data you would like to send to the App
    1. Note: You will see how many new or updated assignments/duties/events are waiting to be sent. You cannot send 0 updates.
  3. Click Send
    1. Note: All data sent and received from the App is logged in the App Log.
JW Scheduler - Publisher Edition iOS & Android APP - Send to APP

What data can be Sent to the App?

Events. Any future congregation event found in Congregation > Congregation Events & Announcements can be sent to the App.

Announcements. Any congregation announcement created within the last 30 days found in Congregation > Congregation Events & Announcements can be sent to the App.

CLM Assignments. Any future Christian Life and Ministry Meeting assignments, such as Chairman, Prayers, Auxiliary Counselor, Treasures from God’s Word, Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry school parts & assistants, and Living as Christians parts.

Weekend Assignments. Any future Local and Away Public Talks, Weekend Chairman, Watchtower Reader and Hospitality assignments. These are found in Schedule > Public Talks Local and Schedule > Public Talks Away.

Duties. Any future Duties, including Attendant, Security, Sound, Video, Platform, Microphones, Custom Duties, Cleaning and Garden Care. These are found in Schedule > Duties, Schedule > Cleaning and Schedule > Garden Care.

How to Get data from the App

When a publisher sends data back to the congregation, such as their Field Service Report, it must be “received” by JW Scheduler. Receiving the data imports it into JW Scheduler and permanently removes it from the JW Scheduler App Server.

  1. To get data from the App, click App.
  2. Under Get from App, select what data you would like to receive and import.
  3. Click Receive.
    1. Note: You will be notified how much data, if any, was imported.
JW Scheduler - Publisher Edition iOS & Android APP - Get from APP

What data can be Received from the App?

Publisher Reports. Once received, these are automatically saved into Members > Publisher Record.

How to Add, Edit or Remove a Member

Only members listed in App Members List can use the JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition App and connect to your congregation.

To Add a Member

  1. Publishers are automatically added to the App Members list when the following is true:
    • They have a first name
    • Allowed App is ticked (in Members > Information)
      • Note: By default, all publishers and CLM Students have Allowed App ticked.

To Remove a Member

  1. Publishers will be automatically removed from APP Members when Allowed App is unticked or they are deleted.
    1. Note: Allowed App will be automatically unticked if they are no longer a publisher or CLM Student.

To Edit a Member

  1. To edit any member details, use Members > Member Information.
  2. To change a Members PIN, click App > select the Member, click Reset PIN.

App View User Access

JW Scheduler User Access works a little differently on the App View:

  • Any member with JW Scheduler App – View or Edit access can see the APP View.
  • Any member with JW Scheduler App – Edit access can access all Congregation and Member buttons (on the right-side).
  • Send to App and Get from App access depends on the type of data being sent or received. For example:
    • Public Talks – Edit access allows the member to Send Weekend Assignments to the App.
    • Congregation Field Service Report – Edit access allows the member to Receive Publisher Reports from the App.
Please see JW Scheduler User Access for information about how to edit User Access.

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