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JWS Publisher is an iOS and Android App that allows publishers to see upcoming Christian Life and Ministry meeting & Public Talk assignments, upcoming Duties, upcoming Life and Ministry meeting, Weekend meeting and Field Service schedules, submit Field Service Reports, view upcoming Congregation Events and any recent Congregation AnnouncementsIt can also be installed on Amazon Fire Tablets.

Data inside the JWS Publisher App is generated by JW Scheduler. Therefore you must be using JW Scheduler to allow publishers to use and enable the App.

Enable JWS Publisher App

How Publishers Connect

App Summary

App Settings

App Admin

Add, Edit or Remove Members

Send Data to the App

Receive Data from the App

Notifications and Reminders


JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition App was renamed JWS Publisher app in May 2021.

All publishers using the old JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition 1.2.7 or less must download the new JWS Publisher app before September 15, 2021.

The old JW Scheduler – Publisher Edition 1.2.7 or less will no longer work after September 15, 2021.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT an official App of Jehovah’s Witnesses and does not replace any official App. This App does not contain any misleading information, does not contain any ‘spiritual food’ and does not gather any personal data from users. All data inside this App comes from the local congregation only. Just as Skype & Zoom Apps help Jehovah’s Witnesses hold digital meetings, this App helps publishers digitally receive information from the local congregation.

After viewing the video “choose your apps wisely”, some publishers have incorrectly concluded that we should only install apps or visit websites that are officially provided by the organisation. The video did not say this. This is also both unreasonable and impossible. Even ringing someone else uses an app called Phone and an app called Contacts. Your phone also likely has a Message app, Weather app, FaceTime app, Music app, Safari app, Mail app, Zoom app, Gmail app, Chrome app and many, many more. None of these are official apps provided by the organization, yet we all use them every day.

Instead the video actually stated that we should be ‘cautious about using apps or visiting websites not provided by the organization’. This is wise, and is something each Christian should use his bible trained conscience to do. (see w14 7/15 14)

Enable JWS Publisher App

Note: Before enabling the JWS Publisher App, please ensure you understand how the App works, how to setup and how to solve any problems. Please also ensure the elders are willing to help and support the publishers, since we are unable to offer individual support for publishers.

  1. Open JW Scheduler
  2. Click App
  3. Click the button Enable JWS Publisher App
  4. Set a 6-digit Congregation PIN
    • Note: This PIN will be given to publishers to allow them to connect to your congregation.
  5. Click Send App Data
  6. Select All Data to Send
  7. Click Prepare
  8. Click Send
  9. The App has now been enabled!
  • See How publishers connect to the congregation below
JW Scheduler - Publisher Edition iOS & Android APP Create PIN
JWS - Publisher App iOS & Android App Main

How Publishers Connect

  1. Ask the publisher to download JWS Publisher App on their mobile device. They can do this by:
  2. Give each publisher the following information:
    • Congregation ID
    • Congregation PIN
    • Member PIN
    • First name
  3. Publishers should be directed to the JWS Publisher App website for more information about the App or to Download the JWS Publisher App.
  4. Publishers should be directed to the JWS Publisher App website > Help and Support if they have any problems.
    • Note: We cannot give support to individual Publishers. Publishers should receive technical support and training from their local elders or the App website.

App Summary

The App Summary lists a brief summary of the App usage in your congregation, and includes the following:

  • Congregation ID. This is used by publishers to connect to the App.
  • Congregation PIN. This is used by publishers to connection to the App.
  • App Members. The total number of people in your congregation who can potentially connect to the App.
  • Connected. The number of people who have already connected to the App.
  • Delegated. The number of people who have their App access delegated to someone else.
  • Not Connected. The total number of people who have not yet connected, and are not delegated.
  • Latest App Version. The number of members who are using the latest App version.
    • Note: The latest App version is also shown in brackets.
    • Note: Both Apple and Google must manually check and approve each new App release. Their review times vary greatly, from a few hours to a few days, or even longer. This means the new Apple or Google versions might sometimes appear several days apart.
  • Old App Version. The number of members who are using an older App version.
    • Note: Elders should please ensure all publishers update to the latest version as soon as practical. If publishers have downloaded the App via the App Store, this is usually automatic.

App Settings

Allow Submit Reports

Allows publishers to use JWS – Publisher to submit their monthly Field Service Report. After submitting, the data must be manually Received and Imported by an elder.

By default, Allow Submit Reports is Enabled. Un-tick to disable for all App Members.

Show Field Service History

Allows publishers to see their own Field Service History for the current Service Year, including totals and averages, on the JWS – Publisher App Me screen.

By default, Show Field Service History is Enabled. Un-tick to disable for all App Members.

Members Field Service History in the App is updated only after the Congregation Secretary marks the Congregation Field Service Report as Submitted, and then Prepares and Sends the new Member data to the App.

Show Phone Numbers on CLM Assignment Slips

Any CLM Assignment Slips that include an assistant will show the publishers phone number under their name. This can be useful for helping the publishers coordinate preparing and practising the assignment.

By default, Show Phone Numbers on CLM Assignment Slips is Disabled. Tick to enable.

  • Note: After enabling, phone numbers will only be applied to any new CLM Assignments sent to the App.

Show Field Service Assignments

Allows the Field Service Conductor assignment to be sent to the App. This can be useful if brothers often forget to take the Field Service Group, but can be annoying if the same brothers regularly take the same group and don’t need reminders.

By default, Show Field Service Assignments is Disabled. Tick to enable.

Show CLM Timing on Schedule

Shows the CLM Timing for all non-student parts on the midweek Meeting Schedule. The Start Time is based off your Congregation Information > Midweek Meeting time. Other times are based off the Meeting Workbook and cannot be changed.

By default, Show CLM Timing on Scheduler is Disabled. Tick to enable.

App Admin

Disable App

The Disable App button will disable the App for your congregation. This means no publishers will be able to use the JW Scheduler Publisher Edition App.

App Log

The App Log button will show a recent activity Log of who sent data to the JWS – Publisher App. It can be used to diagnose App data problems. You should always check the App Log when diagnosing problems.

Notifications Log

The Notifications Log button shows the recent notifications that have been sent to members from your computer, as well as the Status of those notifications.

Change PIN

The Change PIN button will change the Congregation App PIN. This PIN is used by congregation members when connecting to your congregation, so be sure to tell publishers the new PIN.

  • Note: This will not affect anyone who has already connected. It will only affect new publishers who connect, or publishers who connect using a new device.

Add, Edit or Remove Members

Please see App Members

Send Data to the App

Please see Send App Data

Receive Data from the App

Please see Receive App Data

Notifications and Reminders



Reminders are automatically generated based on the Settings of the publisher, which can be adjusted or disabled by the publisher in the App Settings.

There is no way to manually create a reminder and we do not plan on adding this feature.

The default Reminder settings are:


  • Initial Reminder 6 days before any upcoming Assignment.
  • Final Reminder 24 hours before any upcoming Assignment.


  • Initial Reminder 1 day before any upcoming Assignment.
  • Final Reminder 1 hour before any upcoming Assignment.

Field Service Report:

  • Reminder to submit their report on the 1st of the new month at 7pm.
  • Another Reminder to submit their report on the 8th of the month. (If not already submitted)
  • Final Reminder to submit their report on the 15th of the month. (If not already submitted)
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