JW Secretary Program

JW Scheduler now comes with a JW Secretary Program to help Congregation Secretaries enter Field Service Reports, maintain Congregation Publisher Records, compile the Monthly Congregation Field Service Report, print S-21 Publisher Cards, enter Publisher Emergency Contact Information and more.

This JW secretary software is designed to save the Congregation Secretary time and effort, and allows your congregation to avoid maintaining multiple Publisher Lists and software programs.

Publisher Field Service activity can be entered in just a few minutes, and is automatically saved and shared with all Elders in your congregation. In fact, Group Overseers could even enter their own groups reports themselves, thus saving even more time.

Every month, the Congregation Report is presented to allow the secretary to easily submit the Congregation Field Service Report to the branch.

Automatically share all member and field service information between the COBE, Secretary, Group Overseers and any other elder!

Simple. Easy. Quick.

Once a Congregation has been setup (in less than one minute), the congregation secretary can add new Members in less than 30 seconds.

The Secretary is then ready to enter Field Service Reports, which takes only a few seconds. The screen to enter field service reports will be instantly familiar since it looks just like the S-21 Publisher Record, and allows you to set Publishers as Regular Pioneers, Auxiliary Pioneers, Elders, Ministerial Servants, other sheep or anointed.

Once a month, access the Congregation Field Service Report screen to see all the monthly Field Service figures, totals and averages. Use this information to quickly and easily submit to the branch office. Once a month has been marked as “Submitted”, it will be automatically saved.

Finally, Congregation Secretaries have the ability to print S-21 Publisher Record Cards for one, some or all Publishers. You can specify any or all of their publisher record history.

Standardized Reports

JW Scheduler prints to the latest S-21 Publisher Record form.

Of course, the Congregation Secretary can also print a variety of additional practical and appealing reports, such as Publisher Lists, Publishers & Emergency Contact List, Field Service Groups and more. Reports can be saved in Document or PDF format.


The standard Congregation’s Publisher Record form.

Field Service Groups

The Field Service Groups Report is a list of all Field Service Groups and their members. This report shows the Group Overseer and Assistant, as well as lists all member names in alphabetical order. Appointed brothers, special, regular and auxiliary pioneers, publishers and unbaptised publishers are marked as such. The total numbers are printed below for easy comparison. This can be printed and placed on the congregation noticeboard.

All Members Details

All Member Details Report can be printed either including or excluding Emergency Contact Information. This list includes the contact information for each publisher in each group, which is an important list for all Group Overseers and Assistants.

Share with others

Since all Group Overseers will want to have access to their groups Publisher Reports, JW Scheduler can automatically share data between the Secretary, COBE, Group Overseers and any other Elders.

Enabled Congregation Sharing with just a single click! Others can then connect to the congregation by entering a password. All data is encrypted locally and in transmission.

Sharing happens automatically. Every time someone makes a change to the congregation, members or any schedule, this update is then automatically sent to all other users. There is no need to press Refresh or Update, or anything!

JW Scheduler Congregation Sharing

Multiple Languages

JW Scheduler is the only Life and Ministry software that allows you to run the program in one language, and then schedule in another language. This is especially useful for Foreign Language Groups or language learners.

New languages are constantly being added. Currently JW Scheduler is available in over 30 languages! Please see the updated List of Languages JW Scheduler supports.

Another unique feature is that JW Scheduler allows you view the program in one language, but print Reports and Publisher Cards in another. This is very helpful if you are serving overseers in a foreign assignment, host a foreign language group, or are a language learner.

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