One Program

In many congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses, each Elder or Ministerial Servant uses a different program, spreadsheet or method to produce schedules, maintain lists, and assign talks and parts. This results in duplicate work, duplicate lists, inconsistent schedules and much wasted time and effort. It is also harder to train new brothers. JW Scheduler solves all these problems.

All Congregation, Member and Schedule information can be automatically and securely shared between any appointed brothers in your congregation. Beautiful and practical reports can be printed and placed on the congregation information board, or emailed to others.

Christian Life and Ministry Overseer (CLMO)

The Christian Life and Ministry Overseer (CLMO) can use JW Scheduler to quickly and easily schedule the Christian Life and Ministry (CLM) meeting, including the Bible Reading, Auxiliary Counselors and Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry parts. Both the Main and Auxiliary classes can be scheduled. The CLMO can then print beautiful schedules or email assignment slips.

Coordinator of the Body of Elders (COBE)

The Coordinator of the Body of Elders (COBE) can use JW Scheduler to schedule all other midweek meeting parts, including Chairman, Prayers, Readers, Treasures from God’s Word and Living as Christians parts. He can also use JW Scheduler to check verify that the Congregation Publishers list is accurate and up-to-date, Field Service Groups are appropriate, and other scheduling is being handled.

JW Congregation Secretary

Your Congregation Secretary can now use the JW Secretary program to enter Field Service Reports, maintain Congregation Publisher Records, compile the Monthly Congregation Field Service Report and print S-21 Publisher Record Cards. The Secretary feature can only be accessed by Elders. Since all data is shared with other Elders, this will save Congregation Secretaries a lot of time, and ensure you don’t need to maintain multiple Publisher Lists!

Congregation Secretaries can also use JW Scheduler to maintain up-to-date publisher contact information, Emergency contact information and print publisher information lists.

Field Service Overseer

The Field Service Overseer can use JW Scheduler to create Field Service schedules. He can then print these or send the schedules to the Publisher Edition App.

In addition to scheduling, JW Scheduler can be used by the Service Overseer to create and maintain Field Service Groups. He can quickly assign Group Overseers, Group Assistants, as well as pioneers and publishers.

Public Talk Coordinator

The Public Talk Coordinator can schedule Local and Away Public Talks while automatically recording Public Talk history. He can then easily send Local and Traveling Public Talk assignments to all appointed brothers, as well as print an appealing Public Talk Schedule for the Congregation Information board.

Sound, Attendant and other Duties Servant

Congregation Duties such as Attendants, Sound, Video, Platform, Microphones can be easily scheduled by the appointed Sound and Platform Servant.

Kingdom Hall and Cleaning Servant

Kingdom Hall Cleaning Schedules or Lawn and Garden Care schedules can be created by the Kingdom Hall Servant. Working Bee’s or Maintenance Days can also be organised and sent to everyone.

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