Printing and Reports in JW Scheduler

After scheduling the Christian Life and Ministry Meeting you are ready to print the Life and Ministry Schedules and Assignment Slips. JW Scheduler offers many attractive and functional templates for printing these and other Life and Ministry Meeting worksheets.

JW Scheduler also makes it easy to save, print or email attractive schedules for Public Talks, Duties, Kingdom Hall Cleaning and Garden Care.

In addition to Schedules and Assignment Slips, JW Scheduler can also print a variety of useful Reports, Outlines, Worksheets and Lists, such as the Congregation Summary, Field Service Groups, Regular Pioneer Hours, Field Service Summary, etc. Please see Descriptions of all Schedules, Reports and Lists in JW Scheduler for more details.

Practically all JW Scheduler templates, schedules, reports and lists can be saved as either a Document or PDF. They can be printed or emailed.

To Save, Print or Email congregation schedules and reports, click Printing

JW Scheduler Printing and Reports
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