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Registration supports the development and maintenance of JW Scheduler. It shows appreciation for the considerable time and resources involved in developing this program. The Apostle Paul worked as a tentmaker to support his ministry, I work as a part-time software developer to support my full-time ministry.

Even those of limited financial means can Register. Your support is greatly appreciated.

“The worker is worthy of his wages.” – Luke 10:7

Do I have to Register?

No. JW Scheduler comes in two versions, Free and Full.

The Free Version allows you to create and edit Congregations, add or edit Members. It allows you to view and print any Reports, including all Life and Ministry, Public Talks, Duties, Cleaning and Congregation Reports. The Free Version also allows you to schedule any Duties, such as Attendants, Sound, Microphones, Platform, Cleaning and Lawn & Garden Care. It allows the Service Overseer or other elders to manage and maintain Field Service Groups and congregation member contact information. You can enter Meeting Attendance with the free version. Elders and Ministerial Servants can automatically share data with the Free Version. You do not need to Register to use the Free Version, but are most welcome to.

The Full Version allows you to do all of the above, in addition to scheduling the Christian Life and Ministry meeting, scheduling Public Talks and entering Field Service Report information. You need to please Register to use the Full Version.

When you first download JW Scheduler, you can use the Full Version for 30 days, after which it will revert to the Free Version.

How to Register

Standard Registration costs $10 USD for one year. This is a fair and reasonable amount that the majority of friends will be able to afford. After payment, you will be immediately emailed your personal Registration Key.

Some congregations view this software as a standard congregation operating expense.

However we recognise that not all our friends have equal financial means. If you personally feel the Standard registration would impose too large a financial burden, you may choose to Donate an amount instead. Any donation of $1 USD or more will also be immediately emailed a personal Registration Key.

To help reduce currency conversion fees, we are pleased to announce we now accept payment in 6 currencies. Donations currently only support USD.

Standard Registration

United States Dollar


Australian Dollar


Canadian Dollar


British Pound




Limited Financial Means Registration

$1 USD or more

What if I don't have a Credit Card?

No problems! All payments and donations are processed by PayPal, which does not require a credit card. Paypal supports many payment methods, such as Credit Card, Bank or Debit Card, Bank Transfer, etc.

What if I don't have a PayPal account?

That is also no problem! You can quickly and easily Setup a free PayPal account. It only takes a few minutes. There are no fees or costs involved in setting up an account. For more information about PayPal, please visit

What if I don't have a Credit Card, or Debit Card, or even a Bank Account?

This is also not a problem! Simply ask a friend in your congregation to help you. I’m sure the friends will be more than willing to help.

Registration Key

You may install and use JW Scheduler on as many personal devices as you like, such as desktop and laptop computer, or Windows tablets. Your one Registration Key will allow you to Register all your personal devices.

Please do not share your personal Registration Key with others.

Other ways to support JW Scheduler

  • Spread the word! Tell others about JW Scheduler.
  • Suggest new features, or report any bugs.
  • Help translate into new languages.
  • Offer a word of encouragement
  • We deliberately keep the Registration cost as low as possible to allow everyone to use JW Scheduler. If you would like to offer a donation, please feel free.

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