Thank you for Registering JW Scheduler

Thank you for registering JW Scheduler! Your support is greatly appreciated.

  • Your Registration Key will be automatically emailed to your PayPal email address in the next few minutes, however sometimes this can take several hours to arrive. The key will be called <DATE>_<NAME>.JWSchedulerKey
  • If you don’t receive this email after a few hours, please check your email SPAM or JUNK folders. Sometimes the email is marked as SPAM.
  • If after 24 hours you still have not received your Registration Key, and you have checked your SPAM and JUNK folders, please Contact Us.

How to Enter the Registration Key

Method 1
  1. Open the Registration Email
  2. Save and Open the Registration Key (for example, double-click the JWSchedulerKey file to open).
  3. JW Scheduler will then automatically load and register.
Method 2
  1. Open the Registration Email
  2. Save the Registration Key to a safe location on your computer, e.g. My Documents
  3. Open JW Scheduler
  4. Click Settings > Enter Registration Key
  5. Find the Key on your computer, e.g. in My Documents
  6. Click Open

Registration Key

INDIVIDUAL Registration Key

You may install and use the Full Version of JW Scheduler on as many personal devices as you like, such as desktop and laptop computer, or Windows tablets. Your one Registration Key will allow you to Register all your personal devices.

Please do not share an INDIVIDUAL Registration Key with others.

CONGREGATION Registration Key

You and other appointed brothers in your congregation may install and use the Full Version of JW Scheduler on as many personal devices as you like, such as desktop and laptop computer, or Windows tablets.

Once you Register your copy of JW Scheduler and enable Congregation Sharing, any brother who connects to this Congregation will automatically be Registered. There is no need to send the Registration Key to other brothers.

However, if you do not want to enable Congregation Sharing, you may share this Registration Key to other brothers in your congregation.

Please do not share a CONGREGATION Registration Key with those not in your congregation.

More Help

English: For further help entering the Registration Key, please see How to Enter Registration Key.

Español: Para obtener ayuda adicional para ingresar la clave de registro, consulte Cómo ingresar la clave de registro del programador.

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