Our Elder Body and the entire Congregation are absolutely thrilled with the sacrifice your crew has made to create and develop JWScheduler!!!!!

The most outstanding thing is that you follow, to the letter, the Faithful Slave’s guidelines cooncerning congregation proceedures, period; all of the other recording programs cannot say that.

Our dear older ones feel they are totally in touch with the congregation with the Events and Announcement features, and the Schedules and the Assignments are indispenable.

The Friends absolutely love the all of the features of the JWS publisher App.

As the Secretary, the Sharing feature is invaluable to me; the other Elders can access needed features without contacting me and emailing and imaging and attaching, etc.,etc,etc.

May Jehovah continue to bless your efforts to assist the Elders in shepherding the flock, and keep up the good work.

October 2021

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