Congregation Sharing Update 3.4

If you are currently using JW Scheduler 3.3. or less, and have enabled Congregation Sharing, please carefully read below before updating JW Scheduler.

To better comply with recent sfl direction, Congregation Sharing has undergone some major updates.

When updating from JW Scheduler 3.3. or less to the latest version of JW Scheduler, Congregation Sharing must be RE-ENABLED.

Therefore, the Congregation Administrator should be the FIRST PERSON to update JW Scheduler. After the Congregation Administrator updates JW Scheduler, he should re-enable and re-setup Congregation Sharing. Then he should ask all others to update JW Scheduler. Everyone must update to the latest version of JW Scheduler to keep using Congregation Sharing.

Updating JW Scheduler from JW Scheduler 3.3. or less will also temporarily affect User Access, so Ministerial Servants should NOT UPDATE unless in the presence of an Elder, and only AFTER the Congregation Administrator has updated.

Please see Congregation Sharing Help for detailed instructions on how to enable and use Congregation Sharing.

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